Royal Canin | In-Store Branding Case Study

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Pet Shops All Over Pune, Branded by the Royal Canin Colors

Mr. Ravikant Upadrasta of Royal Canin Pet Foods needed to ramp up his product visibility. As the name suggests, Royal Canin specialises in foods for dogs and cats. This is a highly competitive sector. Also, it really pays off for your brand to be recognised. Because once a pet owner switches to your brand, s/he remains a customer for a long time to come.

So, to increase his product visibility, Mr. Upadrasta identified a number of point of sale locations. These included:

  1. Veterinarian clinics
  2. Groceries & departmental stores
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Pet shops

The Store Branding Solutions Offered Included…

There was a wide variance in the point of sale locations. Each of these locations needed different branding locations. To that extent, Orchid Digitals provided a gamut of solutions to brand the interiors and exteriors of these stores. The services we provided included:

  1. Flex printed backlit glow sign shop boards
  2. One way vision films for glass partitions and frontages
  3. Photo vinyl prints mounted on sun board

Images from this Store Branding Exercise

Closing Note

Orchid Digitals provides a wide range of in-store branding services to shops across Pune. Be it a store-front, a glow sign shop board or the interiors of an outlet, we’ve got you covered. Do have a look at our end-to-end store branding services on this page here.

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