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Acrylic Name Boards

Acrylic Name Boards To Showcase Your Brand

Flaunt Your Brand’s Name in Full Glory

    • 3D signages made using laser-cut acrylic letters
    • An exceptional way to display your company logo/brand name
    • Will impress visitors right at the office entrance or reception
    • 3D laser cut name logos can be mounted on walls or glass
    • Shipping and installation facility available
    • Starting from ₹600/- per square feet 

Acrylic Name Boards To Showcase Your Brand

Flaunt Your Brand’s Name in Full Glory with Acrylic Laser Cut Name Plates

    • 3D signages made using laser-cut acrylic letters
    • An exceptional way to display your company logo/brand name
    • Will impress visitors right at the office entrance or reception
    • 3D laser cut name logos can be mounted on walls or glass
    • Shipping and installation facility available
    • Starting at ₹ 600/- per square feet 

“First Impressions Always Stick.”

Acrylic Sign Boards: Detailed Description

Corporate offices and workplaces of big brands are awe-inspiring. These environments speak volumes about a company’s professional outlook and culture. Common design sense states that the entrance or reception area of a workplace makes the first impression on a visitor, be it a client, an interviewee, or an everyday employee. And the one thing that every reception must-have is the brand name or logo of the company.

At Orchid Digitals, we can fabricate a jaw-droppingly beautiful laser cut 3D Acrylic Name Board which makes your visitor’s first impression great and lasting.

Why Opt for Acrylic Name Boards (and not something else)?

Traditionally, people used to have a painted sign or a printed sunboard to display at the entrance of the shop/office. But this 2D printed sign lacked the necessary impact or punch needed to create that ‘wow’ effect. The need to make that ‘wow’ effect on the visitors led to shop owners, companies, and their architects and interior designers opting for better solutions. Enter, laser-cut acrylic shop boards (also referred to as acrylic nameplates for companies).

What Are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Sign Boards?

  • They look great! Acrylic signboards are made using a combination of materials like acrylic, vinyl, and aluminum composite sheets. These boards are also referred to as perspex nameplates. Although made of plastic, clear acrylic sheets look just like glass. Also, colored acrylic sheets have a very rich back painted glass like effect.

The material is great to look at. But it is also very easy to laser cut into different shapes. This leads to highly professional-looking, 3D signages.

  • They are easy to install. Our nameplates for companies are very easy to install. You can choose to drill these boards onto the wall using risers and stud caps. More on this further below. Alternatively, we supply extremely strong 3M two-sided tapes. These can be used to affix the plates on the glass. Some of our customers also choose to have the perspex signs dangling by chains from the ceiling.
  • They are easy to maintain and hassle-free. We are positioning our company nameplates as mainly a product for indoor use. Hence these acrylic laser cut name plates are typically non-lit as we feel that office areas have an ample source of light anyways.

The mainboard on the outside of the building is generally lit up using effective and bright LEDs or neon lights. So, the sign on the inside need not be. This eliminates the need for any electrical components or wiring.

  • They are inexpensive. With the lighting assembly out of the equation, acrylic shop boards also end up costing less. And not just in terms of the initial purchase – they also don’t incur additional electricity costs every month.

Overall, these assemblies are comparatively simpler when compared to their lit counterparts, Lit LED Acrylic Boards.

This image shows a lit acrylic sign board created for the streaming media brand, VIU
This image shows a lit acrylic shop board created for the web design and graphic institute, Creative Concepts.
This image shows an acrylic shop board for the Pune-based construction company, Dhoot Builders.
This image shows a acrylic sign board with a black base plate with company logo on top
This image shows an acrylic name plate for advertising company, Minds Advertising.
This image shows a acrylic sign board with a black base plate with company logo on top

How Are These Acrylic Sign Boards Made?

The construction of these acrylic signboards can be broken down into 2 phases:

1. The Company’s Logo and Details

The main part of the board is the company name and logo on the top. As mentioned above, it is fairly easy to laser-cut acrylic in the shape of your logo. We can even recreate your fonts exactly the way you see them on a computer screen.

    1. Acrylic of typically 3 – 5 mm thickness is used to create logos and fonts. This imparts depth and a 3D effect to the content on top of the board. 
    2. We then use vinyls matching the logo colors. This is pasted on top of the laser-cut acrylic letters and shapes. 
    3. All these efforts help us in adhering to your logo and brand guidelines.

To give different depths on the board, we experiment with acrylic of different thicknesses. For example, the company name and logo may have a thickness of 5 – 8 mm. Additional information like the company’s tagline is given a thickness of 3mm. Information like address and phone numbers are given zero depth. They may be printed/pasted directly on the board.

These play of depths make the board very impressive to look at.

2. The Base Plate

The above laser cut letters comprising the company name, logo, address, etc., are all mounted on a base plate. We generally use a base plate of 5mm thick acrylic. This thickness makes the plate strong enough to carry the weight of the logo on top. The client can choose between the following options for the base plate:

  • Clear Acrylic Base Plate: In this case, we use a clear acrylic sheet. It is as transparent as a sheet of glass and one can see the wall beneath. In some cases, the wall on which the board has to be mounted has textured paint or wooden paneling. The transparent board allows the visitors to see through and the result looks great. This transparent sheet also gives a ‘floating in thin air’ effect to the logo pasted on top of the clear base plate.
  • White or Colored Acrylic Base Plate: Acrylic sheets are available in white as well as a variety of colors. Customers can also opt for metallic finishes. At Orchid, we have an album of acrylic colors that a customer can choose from.

By opting for white, colored, or a metallic base plate, a customer is creating a separate space between the wall on which the board has to be mounted, and the company logo. The base plate now acts as a highlighter for the information displayed on top of it.

metallic mirror finish acrylic logo mounted on black base plate
3D laser cut acrylic name boards giving an effect of depth
name plate in lobby on white acrylic with vinyl letters cut
aluminium composite panel board with black acrylic letters
white acrylic base plate with black acrylic letters and logo color vinyl on top
name plate mounted on risers and mirror stud screw

Stand Alone Acrylic Logos and Laser-cut Letters - An Alternate Approach

One alternative way to create acrylic name boards is to not create the boards at all!

At Orchid Digitals, we can create logos that can be affixed directly on the wall, without the need for any intervening base plate. We do this by affixing a strong, industrial, 2 sided, 3M tape beneath the acrylic letters/logo. We then paste a stencil on the wall for the precise alignment of the logo components. The logo/acrylic letters are then pasted directly on the wall in the area marked by the stencil.

The overall effect is quite fantastic.

This image shows a variant of acrylic name boards
This image shows a variant of acrylic name boards
This image shows an acrylic name plate for the medical aesthetics academy, Acadmipi.
This image shows a variant of acrylic name boards
This image shows a standalone acrylic sign board.
This image shows a variant of acrylic name boards

How Are Acrylic Name Boards Mounted on the Walls?

The base plates of the perspex name plate are is usually drilled into the wall. But an ordinary nail/screw would look terrible in contrast to the beautiful acrylic name boards. So we use chrome finish mirror studs on the corners.

We also provide risers beneath the mirror studs to raise the board an inch or so, away from the wall. This raised effect breaks the continuity of the wall and highlights the board.

This image shows mirror stud caps with risers

What You See Is What You Get

“Using renders to give Customers An Idea of What to Expect from the Final Print.”

We believe that our customers should be able to visualize what the finished job is going to look like. And the only second best thing to the actual print is a render. So, in addition to the above description, we also send a proposal to our clients containing the following things:

  1. We render the artwork to its actual dimensions
  2. Minor corrections/alterations to the logo and other elements are made, if necessary
  3. We then render the various elements in 3D
  4. This enables the customer to understand which elements will have depth and stand out on the board
  5. At times, very small fonts cannot be cut in acrylic. If there is some text on our board that cannot be rendered in 3D (text showing the company address for example), the same has to be printed in a flat two dimensions. 
  6. So we also take care to highlight the 2D areas of the board
  7. Finally, notes showing the material specifications are put in the job render

This effort generally pays off, as the client now finds it very easy to make a decision about the acrylic board.

This image shows the job and material specifications that're part of an perspex name board.


Costing for acrylic shop boards depends on a variety of factors. Here are the things that will affect the final cost:

  • The materials that need to be used to create the logo board
    • Aluminium composite panels (also known as ACP sheets)
    • The acrylic needed to match the shape of you logo
    • The vinyls used to match your brand colors
  • The thickness of materials used. A 3mm sheet of acrylic is obviously going to cost more than an 8mm sheet. So if your job specifications ask for a logo having more depth, the cost of the board may go up.
  • Detailing required: If the logo is extremely intricate, it is going to take longer and more effort to cut the same. This too impacts the price.

We sell acrylic name boards at 600/- rupees a square foot plus taxes. But the price can vary based on the factors mentioned above. While there is no standard industry rate for this product, we have put in the example below, to help with your budgeting. We have assumed a board size of 2 feet X 3 feet.

As a matter of fact, this size meets the requirements of most of our customers. The acrylic and vinyl components on top of the base plate are also what most people opt for. Please note that the final figure given below does not include on-site installation.

Components (Assumed) Rate (A) Sample Dimensions (B) Cost (AxB)
  • Acrylic base plate - 5 mm thick
  • Laser-cut acrylic logo - 3 mm thick.
  • Logo color vinyl pasted on top
  • Studs and risers on 4 corners
₹ 600 per sq. ft.

2 ft x 3 ft

₹ 3600.00/- (excluding GST)

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