Streax | In-Store Branding to Highlight Their Products at POS Locations

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Beauty Salons Beautified Using Our Sunboard & Glass Film Prints

The cosmetics and hair colouring brand ‘Streax’ is sold by Hygienic Research Institute. And as with all retail products the ‘Streax’ brand needs visibility at the stores where it is stocked.

Beauty salons are a typical point of sale (POS) locations where in-store branding is carried out extensively. Orchid Digitals provided the shop branding solution to this company. We branded about 15 of their outlets here in Pune.

The Store Branding Solutions Offered Included…

Procedure Followed to Execute This Store Branding Project

  1. Site recce to check sizes and locations available for branding
  2. Design adaptation as per the available sizes
  3. Costings to be arrived per store and for all stores in total
  4. Printing the job upon receiving approval
  5. Installation of the prints
  6. Photographic evidence to show job execution

Images from this Store Branding Exercise

Closing Note

Orchid Digitals provides a wide range of in-store branding services to shops across Pune. Be it a store-front, a glow sign shop board or the interiors of an outlet, we’ve got you covered. Do have a look at our end-to-end store branding services on this page here.

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