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Floor Graphics

Floor Stickers with your design /Images that can be pasted in crowded areas like malls to exploit a unique marketing vertical.

floor stickers and graphics for social distancing asking you to maintain 6 feet distance which are pasted on the ground

Floor Stickers and Decals for Brand Promotion

Stop people in their tracks by advertising on the ground they walk on.

  • Custom printed specialized vinyl that goes on the floor.
  • Extremely strong adhesion – difficult to peel off.
  • Robust print media to withstand high footfalls.
  • Fairly easy to install.
  • Floor graphics starting from INR 150 per square foot.

Floor Stickers and Decals for Brand Promotion

floor stickers and graphics for social distancing asking you to maintain 6 feet distance which are pasted on the ground

Stop people in their tracks by advertising on the ground they walk on

  • Custom printed specialized vinyl that goes on floors
  • Extremely strong adhesion – difficult to peel off
  • Robust print media to withstand high footfalls
  • Fairly easy to install
  • Floor graphics starting from INR 150 per square foot

Floor Decals - Detailed Description

Our perception of this world is largely visual. Walk into any commercial space, like a shopping complex and you will see advertising on banners, posters, and hoardings, mounted cleverly on walls, pillars, glass partitions, etc. This eye-level placement of marketing communication is in response to the competitive environment. Every brand wants its product offering to get noticed, and hence, ends up advertising in this vertical.

So much so that this vertical is practically saturated now. The moment you walk into a mall, all you see are advertisements. And when your prospects’ minds are fatigued of too much advertising, you ought to think differently and harness other verticals. 

To look up, you must look down. Quite literally to the floor. And with our custom-designed floor graphics, you can advertise in a largely untapped vertical.

Here’s why advertising on the floor makes sense:

  • An unsaturated advertising vertical viz. the floor
  • The large scale (coverage) of this vertical
  • Smart communications can be specifically tailored to this vertical
  • People don’t expect advertising on floors. But, the textured surface of the floor stickers gives a different tactile feeling when you walk on them, instantly grabbing the person’s attention.
    Imagine having their undivided attention for 20 seconds, when they are wondering what they have stepped on, only to discover a snazzy marketing communication.
    This break in the continuity of the way the floor feels and looks grabs attention.
  • In multi-level complexes, the large scale of space can be leveraged to create large communications.
    Imagine: having your communication visible from as high as the 3rd or 4th floor of the mall. It’s both intriguing, and impressive.

Other names by which this product is known are:

  • Floor decals
  • Floor prints
floor graphics and stickers advertising a sale pasted on the gro

What Are the Uses of Floor Stickers

Floor stickers have a lot of applications in malls, shopping areas, and large office areas. Some of the most lucrative placements and use-cases of floor stickers are as following:

  • Direction Markers: Floor vinyls can be used to give directions to people in emergency situations. We have all seen the glow in the dark arrows showing the nearest exit in an aircraft.
  • Delimiters and Boundary Markers: The yellow floor sticker asking you to ‘Wait Behind This Line’ in a bank/airport security section is a perfect example of floor stickers being used to create boundaries in a critical environment.
  • Advertising on Floors for Product Promotion: Pasting your product image or logo on the floor is one way to advertise. But some clever copywriters also weave in, appropriate messages on their floor decal. For example, the floor decal could have a line saying, ‘100 Steps to the Biggest Diwali Sale on Garments.
    This is also a great approach because the deal now becomes a game for the prospect. Many customers actually take the path to confirm if there are exactly 100 steps or not. This makes floor stickers a common yet effective marketing asset.
floor sticker pasted on the ground advertising a service of the Master Card company in a novel and eye catching way

Characteristics of a Good Floor Print

A floor print needs to be extremely strong to perform the function it is intended for. This is because, apart from offices, floor graphics are used in malls where the footfall can become ridiculously high.

Imagine the stresses a floor print will be subjected to in a large shopping complex that has a daily footfall of thousands of visitors. Our print will have to withstand hobnailed boots, spiked or heeled sandals, and kids running around all day long. 

Now, there are four main characteristics of a good floor vinyl job that make it resilient to the large footfall: 

  • Adhesion: Once pasted on the floor, a floor print sees a lot of abuse, not only because of the crowds stepping on it but also because of everyday sweeping and cleaning (jhadoo, pocha) activities. But we cannot have the print peeling or curling from its edges. Or worse, slough off entirely.
    To avoid this, we use a specialized floor vinyl with exceptionally strong adhesion. The glues on branded vinyls like 3M, Avery, Orro, etc. have a sticking power far greater than their unbranded counterparts. And at Orchid Digitals, these brands are the ones that we supply to our clients.
  • Strong Printing Inks: Floor printing jobs obviously need inks that are both scratch-proof and water-resistant. At Orchid Digitals we primarily work with two ink technologies – eco-solvent inks and UV inks, both of which are robust enough to meet this requirement. Ultraviolet Inks are especially rock hard. They are also known for their ability to withstand high degrees of abrasion.
  • Floor Overlaminate: Our printing inks and glue make for a strong floor graphic. But the media is still prone to tearing. To protect from this, we paste a specialized floor overlaminate on top of the floor print. Lamination, as you all know, is a protective layer of plastic mounted on top of a wide format print to enhance its life. It protects the print from water, rain, and sunlight. Additionally, a lamination film protects the print from scratches, scuffing, and everyday wear and tear.
    Ordinary laminations films are 80 microns thick. And this protective barrier is good enough for regular prints that go on walls or glass partitions. But specialized floor overlaminates are almost thrice as thick as regular lamination films. These overlaminates weigh in at 200 microns and are almost indestructible. These make it a literal cakewalk for our floor prints to handle the aforementioned boots, spiked heels, and thick-soled sandals.
  • Anti Skid Surface: Unlike traditional lamination films, floor overlaminates are neither smooth nor glossy. They have a slightly textured anti-skid surface. This is obviously needed to prevent people from slipping on the same. Walkers also sense the change in surface texture when they step onto a floor print. So this has an added advantage of drawing their attention to the print on the ground.

How to Execute a Floor Graphics Job?

A custom-designed floor graphic gets printed like any other job at our premises. Just mail us the artwork and we will process the same on the specialized floor print materials listed above. The print then needs to be pasted on the floor at your end.

We use a technique called ‘shampoo pasting’ to do this.  Pasting a floor decal job involves the following steps.

  1. Clean the surface area (where the print has to be pasted) and remove all dust particles.
  2. Pour soap water solution on the floor.
  3. Peel one edge/corner of the print and start pasting it on the surface.
  4. Slowly peel the sticker liner as the pasting progresses.
  5. All the while, use a squeegee to remove all air bubbles from beneath the print.
  6. Ensure that the print is pasted completely flat and does not have any wrinkles.
  7. Allow for some time for the job to dry.

Pasting a floor decal is pretty simple and can be done yourself by following the steps mentioned above. But for our customers in Pune, we can also arrange to send across a team of pasting guys to do this for you.

A Quick Disclaimer: Floor graphics can currently be pasted on smooth surfaces like marble, granite, ceramic tiles, glazed stone, etc. They cannot be stuck on rough surfaces like tarred roads, bricks, cobbled stones or tarmac. Nevertheless, watch this place as we are coming out soon with a solution for rough surfaces as well.

But for now, this product is compatible with smooth, finished floors only.

In a world stricken by the coronavirus, it is imperative to keep reminding people to maintain social distance. Malls, retail outlets, and other commercial spaces are primary candidates for floor graphics carrying Covid 19 warnings. Pasted at an appropriate distance of 2 meters / 6 feet, these Covid-19 floor stickers perform the following important functions:

  • Clearly mark areas on the floor, where they are supposed to stand
  • Keep people apart and avoid crowding
  • Reinforce the warning about infectious diseases
  • Show customers that your business cares about their safety

Here are some social distancing artworks and ‘Keep 6 feet Apart’ warnings that you can download and use at your establishment.

To know more about these COVID-19 related, safety & social distancing signages, to download them or order prints for your office/establishment, please check out this page. These signages are especially helpful for places such as offices, banks, supermarkets, construction sites, etc.

download this covid 19 floor sticker asking people to maintain social distance and stand 2 meters apart
free for download coronavirus floor graphics png artwork for requesting people to maintain social distancing
floor graphics png artwork for maintaining social distancing free for download

Other Print Services to Help Beautify Your Office Space

In addition to advertising on floors you might want to consider the following services to enhance the interiors of your office / commercial space:

  • Wall Graphics: Custom print your design, product images, company logo or corporate philosophy on your office walls to give them a very unique and personalised look. Please click here to know more about wallpaper printing.
  • Glass Film Prints: Just like wall prints, glass partitions too can be branded with your custom design and content. We have films having different levels of transparency like transparent, frosted and opaque glass films to lend an amazing look to your office cabins and glass partitions. To know more about glass partitions, please click here.
custom printed wallpaper made of inkjet vinyl
photos on opaque glass prints on vinyl pasted on the front of a cafe

Price of Digitally Printed Floor Decals

Floor decal prints are not very expensive. They are rarely seen only because most people are unaware that such a product even exists. Floor decals at Orchid digitals have the following two price points:

Media Rate per square foot.* With / without installation

Floor print on 3M, Avery or equivalent media + Thick overlaminate

₹ 150
Does not include installation
Floor print on 3M, Avery or equivalent media + Thick overlaminate
₹ 170
With installation (this service is available in Pune City only)**

* Please Note:

  • Rates mentioned above attract 18% GST
  • The rates quoted above are per square foot. This means you first need to work out the total area of your job to arrive at the final cost. For example, let us assume that you require 2 prints each of a width of 3 feet and height 2 feet.
    In this case, the total cost of the job is calculated as follows…

3 feet (width) X 2 feet (height) X 2 copies X ₹ 150.00 (cost of print without installation, as per the table above) =

₹ 1800.00 (+ 18% GST)

** For on-site installation a minimum order of 50 square foot is needed

Shipping and Delivery

  • Floor prints can be delivered anywhere in India in a roll form.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the exact delivery address.

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