Johnson-n-Johnson | In-Store Branding Case Study

flex printed back lit glow sign board installed at a pharmacy
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JnJ Product Images Displayed on the Shopfront of Virtually Every Pharmacy in Pune

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) the big pharma giant was launching a product called ‘One Touch’. This is a blood sugar meter to be used by diabetics.

So a mass advertising campaign was planned, to educate the public about this product. And one of the advertising efforts included showcasing this product at pharmacies across the city.

Orchid Digitals’ mandate was to install backlit glow signboards at pharmacies in Pune. The company demanded a turnkey solution. Here is how we went about executing the job.

ultra easy blood glucose meter from Johnson and Johnson

Stage 1

  • Site check and photos of all proposed locations where the boards were to be installation
  • Measurements of the boards
  • Creating a report with costs of the above

Stage 2

  • Artwork adaptation of the ‘One Touch’ brand to fit in the measured sizes
  • Artwork approval and implementation of corrections (if any)

Stage 3

  • Board fabrication, transportation and on-site installation
  • Photographic evidence of the finished job

In all, we branded approximately 150 stores in the city. The job took 15 days from start to finish.

Images from this Store Branding Exercise

store branding involves branding on the exteriors in the form of main shop board branding
shop boards installed at the mauli medical store
glowsign board installed at shree guru ganesh medical
GSB for Shree Sai medical sponsored by JnJ
flex printed shop name board with backlights for a pharmacy
GSB fitting for vardhaman medical
glow sign board for a medical storee outlet
shop sign board for a road side retail store

Closing Note

Orchid Digitals provides a wide range of in-store branding services to shops across Pune. Be it a store-front, a glow sign shop board or the interiors of an outlet, we’ve got you covered. Do have a look at our end-to-end store branding services on this page here.

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