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It’s your daughter’s birthday party and you’ve designed a beautiful invite. You then print it on your home inkjet… and horror of horrors… The print quality and the colors are nowhere near as good as they look on the screen. The print looks faded, the paper you have used is not as thick as an invite needs to be and the edges of the letters seem to spread / bleed out, on the sheet. What you need is high resolution digital color printing to solve your problem. Further, what you need, is a choice of thick, thin and textured papers to choose from. And most of all, what you need is a crisp and vibrant print that does justice, to your beautiful design. It also helps, if all the above requirements are fulfilled at a very economical price point.

The need for color prints has become ubiquitous.  People are increasingly asking for prints of fliers, brochures, post cards, newsletters, visiting cards, letterheads, etc. The problem is that these print runs are usually limited to a few hundred or a thousand at most. These quantities do not justify four-color, offset printing. The best alternative to offset printing today… are digital color prints. Without getting into too many technicalities, digital printing presses simply take your file / artwork and print out multi color outputs of the same instantaneously.

color printing of brochures
digital color photo prints
color prints of three fold pamphlet
printed file folder with pouch

Digital color printing at Orchid

Amazing print quality: The print quality of a well maintained digital press is mind blowing. A digital color print is far superior to offset and screen prints. Prints are typically outputted at 600 DPI resolution. Extremely small fonts and other fine details in your artwork are easily reproduced. Bright and crisp color reproduction is to be taken for granted at our printing press.

Instant output: At Orchid, Shaniwar Peth, we run a print for pay counter. We have two high speed color printing presses (Konica Minolta C8000 and Xerox DC 5000) to fulfill your paper print requirements. This section generally has zero wait time. Bring your file over, on a pen drive, wait for a few minutes and walk out with high quality prints. Be it just 10 copies of a single artwork, or 100 copies of two different images, you’ll probably be on your way in 10 – 15 minutes. There are no 4 color plates, positives or screens that need to be prepared, before going to press.

Low cost color printing: Finally, digital printed jobs are absurdly inexpensive. An A/4 print on thick card paper can go for as low as 5 bucks at our place, here in Pune. A color business card reproduced on thick stock paper works out to a rupee. Here is a more complete price chart for color printing at Orchid.

Wide choice of papers: You don’t need to worry about the kind of paper you need to print on. Our presses are pretty versatile when it comes to handling different qualities of the same. We keep a ready stock of thin 90 – 170 gsm papers for flyers, leaflets and handouts. 250 – 300 gsm card paper is available for brochures, post cards, invites, posters, etc. We also offer a wide variety of textured and metallic papers for creating unique and high quality prints.

color prints of flyers and leaflets
digital color printing of business cards
color printing of books
brochure printing services
short order print runs of leaflets
business cards with rounded corners

Applications for digital color prints

Tradition printing technologies like offset and screen are rapidly being sidelined by the modern digital printing presses. At Orchid Digitals we have two blindingly fast, full four color digital printers. In addition to this we have one mono ( black ) digital printing machine. Our 4 color digital press can instantly meet all your printing requirements. We also offer a very wide range of papers to choose from. Printing paper stock is generally categorized on the basis of the weight / thickness of the sheet. This weight is defined as GSM or grams per square meter. Here is a table which the recommends the thickness on the paper for different print applications…

100 gsm - 170 gsm thick paper250 gsm - 300 gsm thick cardTextured and metallic tint papersSticker paper
PamphletsGreeting cardsBusiness CardsStickers
Receipt booksBook coversCertificates
Bill booksInvitesRestaurant Menus
Mass mailersTickets
Visiting cards


color prints of leaflets
flyers leaflets printed on digital a color press
single fold leaflets

Costs for color printing in Pune

Costs for color digital prints are generally quoted per sheet of 12 X 18 inches ( A3 extra size ). A single side print on 250 gsm coated paper will cost approximately rupees 12/-. Obviously, back to back printing will cost more. Premiums are charged for textured and metallic papers and stickers. In Pune, the first copy generally carries a higher charge. Costs plummet for subsequent copies of the same artwork. Given below is a table, listing the costs for printing on various types of paper…

Sheet of size 12 X 18 inchesFirst copy single side printRepeat copy single side printFirst copy two sided printRepeat copy two sided print
100 - 170 gsm thick paper30105020
250 gsm - 300 gsm thick card30145024
Metallic and textured cards35255035
Sticker paper3015--
four color digital printing press in action

Other applications of digital printing

  • Variable data printing is an extremely powerful advantage of modern digital presses. It is a process whereby changing data like name, numbers, grades, etc. is merged with a standard design. Click here to know more…
  • CD / DVD labels can easily be printed on our digital presses. Click here to know more…
  • Printing of books and manuals involve a lot of finishing processes like cutting, creasing, binding, center pinning, etc. Click here to get more information on this subject…
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