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Laser-Cut Custom Stencils

Precise laser-cut stencils. Low-cost solution to recreate your patterns & designs on flat & curved surfaces. Custom stencils made of plastic & acrylic

Highly precise laser cut stencils made from a 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate sheet

Laser-cut Stencils

Recreating Art Is Now Child’s Play

  • Stencils made on high precision laser-cutting machines
  • Simple & economical solution to repeatedly reproduce patterns & designs
  • Rigid & flexible materials to choose from
  • Stencils with an adhesive backing which can be pasted on surfaces
  • Ideal for marking products, stencils for packaging boxes, vehicles & even interior design
  • Laser-cut stencils starting at ₹3 per sq. in

Laser-cut Stencils

Highly precise laser cut stencils made from a 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate sheet

Recreating Art Is Now Child’s Play

  • Stencils made on precision laser-cutting machines
  • Simple & economical solution to repeatedly reproduce patterns & designs
  • Rigid & flexible materials to choose from
  • Stencils with an adhesive backing which can be pasted on surfaces
  • Ideal for marking products, stencils for packaging boxes, vehicles & even interior design
  • Laser-cut stencils starting at ₹ 3 per square inch

Laser-Cut Custom Stencils - Detailed Description

Stencils facilitate the quick and accurate reproduction of complex designs and patterns. Also, custom stencils can be used by people without any expertise or drawing skills. You might be familiar with the readily available rangoli and wall art stencils in craft and hobby shops. Spray on tattooists also use stencils to quickly create art on the patrons’ skin.

Custom stencils are also used for painting, wherein you can easily re-create beautiful and complex designs on walls, fabric, wood, furniture, etc. Industrial applications for stencils include marking packing crates and machine parts. A variety of signboards are also created with the help of stenciling.

Hobby shops and art stores supply stencils of generic designs like letters, numbers, animal outlines, etc. But when you need stencils of your particular design (say the stencils for logos of your company) you need to get custom logo stencils, commissioned from a stencil manufacturer. At Orchid Digitals, we can deliver custom-cut stencils of any shape or pattern you require. And here is how we do it.

custom cut stencils made out of white acrylic for spray painting a packing box of used sanitary pads

How Are Custom-Cut Stencils Manufactured?

A stencil is nothing but a design or pattern cut out of any thin and rigid material. One can probably do it by hand, using a cutter and a piece of cardboard. But this is a painstaking and time-consuming process. Also cutting an intricate pattern requires a lot of precision. And at Orchid Digitals we have just the required precision machinery to do this job.

Laser cutting and engraving are one of the main services Orchid Digitals provides. Our machines can cut through a variety of materials like paper, plastic (for plastic stencils), wood, MDF, acrylic, etc. And they can do this cutting to a very high degree of accuracy. So when you send us your stencil design/cutting outline, we cut the same out from different materials, based on the end application of the stencil.

For example, one-time use, low-cost stencils can be made from thick card paper. On the other hand, stencils that have a more permanent application can be fabricated from a thick rigid sheet of acrylic. Let us have a look at the materials from which you can create your custom design stencils.

Material Options for Creating Laser-Cut Stencils

When it comes to materials for creating your custom stencils, you are spoilt for choice. You can create stencils from paper, wood, MDF sheets, rigid and flexible sheets of plastic, rolls of vinyl, etc. At Orchid Digitals, we stock two materials for fabricating our customers’ stencils. These two materials cover most use case scenarios…

custom cut stencils created from three different materials - rigid acrylic, plastic and wooden MDF

Personalized Stencils Cut From a Rigid Sheet of Acrylic

Most stenciling happens on flat surfaces like walls, machine parts, packing boxes, etc. For these applications, we recommend using a 3 mm thick sheet of transparent acrylic. These stencils are suitable for packing boxes. This sheet is rigid and can be easily held in place, at the time of stenciling.

For more accurate results, we recommend taping the stencil to the surface before you start painting over it. Since the acrylic stencil is transparent, it can also be accurately placed on the surface and misalignments can be visually corrected.

Finally acrylic is pretty sturdy and not prone to breakage. It can be repeatedly used and the stencil will last for a long time to come. Moreover, the transparent stencil helps you check for ‘paint-bleed’ wherein the color seeps and smudges near the edges.

Flexible Stencils With Gumming Beneath

One common problem with stenciling is paint-bleed. The liquid paint applied during stenciling seeps under the cut areas and smudges the edges of the finished job. This problem is exacerbated when the surface that needs to be stenciled is not very flat. For example, curved cylindrical objects or the rough surface on wooden planks.

So for stenciling over slightly uneven and even curved surfaces, we offer a flexible stenciling material made of a thin polycarbonate sheet. This material is 0.5 mm thick and comes in a roll form. It can be easily wrapped over cylindrical objects; something which you cannot do, with the rigid acrylic stencil.

Moreover, this stencil has an adhesive backing. This means you can peel and paste the stencil onto the base surface. The glued-on stencil also ensures that there is no paint bleed and the finished job has sharp edges and is smudge-free.

custom cut stencil made out of MDF / wood using a laser engraver
custom cut stencils made from fabric and paper
pattern cut into MDF using a CNC router

Material of Your Choice

Some of our customers also bring in their own materials like MDF (thin sheets of wood) or paper. We can easily laser cut custom made stencils from the same.

One thing to remember is that a strong material for stencils may cost more initially but can be used over and over again. A flimsier material like paper will cost less to manufacture. But the lifespan for the same will be limited, and most such options can only be used once. So choose your stencil material based on your end application.

Bridges and Islands - How to Design Your Custom Cut Stencil Job

Stencils need to have something called ‘bridges’. These are what joins the stencil together and keeps it from falling apart or looking like one big outline shape. For example, if we cut around the edges of the “O” on the left (in the image above), we would end up with just a circle shape cut out. So the inner circle of the letter “O” has to be bridged or connected with the rest of the stencil page.

Design software allows you to create bridges for individual plastic letter stencils. But the easiest way to do this is to use a stencil font instead of a regular font. Most computers / operating systems come bundled with stencil fonts. But if not, you can download some stencil fonts here.

diagram showing how bridges are necessary between the islands in letters and the external material to create effective stencils

Care to be Taken While Painting Over Stencils

Spraying paint over a cut design sounds easy. But some care does need to be taken to ensure a crisp reproduction of the pattern. A little paint always bleeds under the edges of the stencil and is every artist’s curse. That is why you get custom stencils for spray painting and custom stencils for painting. Stenciling on corners and curved surfaces come with their own set of challenges. Here are a few pointers to get you started…

  • If your stencil does not have an adhesive backing, consider using painters tape to hold the stencil in place. A stencil that moves mid-spray results in a messy job. These tapes fix the stencil in place and also allow for its easy repositioning.
  • Use stencil art brushes instead of simply spraying on the paint. Here you can control the flow of the liquid paint and reduce paint bleed under the edges of the stencil.

There are a whole lot of resources on the web which explain how to stencil properly. Below are some links we found informative. Do have a look:

laser cut stencils for painting made out of clear acrylic

What Is the Cost of Custom Cut Stencils?

Depending upon our customers’ end application we cut custom made stencils out the following two materials. Here are the costs for the same…

Stencil Cut Out From 2 mm Thick Sheet of Acrylic Stencils Cut Out of 0.3 mm Thick Sheet of Polycarbonate / PVC
₹ 4.00 per square inch
₹ 3.00 per square inch
This is a thin but rigid sheet of plastic. It is transparent and does not curve
This sheet is flexible. The material is opaque.
It does not have an adhesive back
This stencil has glue on its lower side and can be stuck on to the base that needs stenciling
It is ideal for stenciling on smooth, flat surfaces
This sheet is pliable and ideal for curved surfaces like stenciling on cylinders
It is sturdy, will last for long and can be used repeatedly
It can be stored in a roll form and reused. But the strength of the glue does reduce over repeated applications

* Please Note:

  1. Above rates attract 18% GST
  2. We have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 500 square inches for this product.
  3. The rates above are quoted per square inch. So if your stencil size is 5 inches wide X 10 inches tall, and you opt for the second option, i.e. flexible polycarbonate stencil with an adhesive back, here is how you will calculate the cost for the same…

5 inches (width) X 10 inches (height) X ₹ 3.00 (rate per square inch)
= ₹ 150.00 + 18% GST

Shipping and Delivery

  • Laser-cut stencils can be delivered anywhere in India.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the delivery address.

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