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Pune is often referred to as the Oxford of the East. And this sobriquet is well deserved. Pune has well over 100 educational institutes and 9 universities. As the students graduate they take up research projects or train as an apprentice in a particular skill. Their curriculum now requires them to make a presentation about their research, their experiences and their findings. This presentation generally takes the form of competition posters. We also refer to these, as scientific posters.

Scientific posters: Form Factor, Design and Size

  • Content: This research poster contains a brief about the student’s research, the methodology used to conduct the studies, the findings and finally the conclusion that is arrived at. These explanations are supported by flow charts, diagrams, images, data tables, etc.
  • Design Software: Most of the students use Microsoft Powerpoint to create their completion posters. Some employ more complex design software like Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop. One can also download ready templates from here
  • Size: While there is no set standard, the scientific posters are generally of size 1 meter X 1 – meter, 39.37 inches X 39.37 inches, 3.5 X 3.5 feet, 80 centimeters X 120 centimeters, 31.5 X 47.25 inches, 3 X 4  3 91.5feet by 122 4 feet, or 3 feet X 3 feet
1 meter X 1 meter competition poster layout
80 cms X 120 cms scientific posters design layout
Size in cmsSize in inchesSize in feetSize in metersPrice
80 X 120 cms31.5 X 47.25 inches3 X 4 feet0.8 X 1.2 meters720/-
100 X 100 cms39.37 X 39.37 inches3.5 X 3.5 feet1 X 1 meter732
91.44 X 121.92 cms36 X 48 inches3 X 4 feet0.91 X 1.22 meters720/-

Taxes on the above prices are extra

Print requirements for competition posters

  • A poster needs to be crystal clear and of a high resolution. Print clarity is needed to depict all the images, equations, graph lines, numerical data, etc. We also need to ensure that the text is easily readable
  • The competition posters needs to be lightweight and portable, so that it can easily be carried off to remote locations
  • Some students might also want to fold the posters like a piece of cloth. This is because they are travelling out of station, or even abroad for their presentation. Hence a fold-able can be packed with the rest of the clothes in their bag
competition posters can be printed on satin cloth
satin cloth material for printing of college posters and charts

Printing competition posters at Orchid

At Orchid, we print the competition posters on our Roland or Mimaki photo printers. These hi-resolution printers take care of all the precautions mentioned in the earlier paragraph. There are a variety of media that the students can choose from. The table below depicts the same along with their characteristics…

MediaFinishAdhesionPackingPrice per square foot
Matt photo vinylMatt makes text easier to readHas a sticker backSlightly loose - has to be rolled60/-
Gloss photo vinylGloss makes images jump outHas a sticker backSlightly loose - has to be rolled60/-
Grey back posterMatt makes text easier to readHas no glue on the backHas to be rolled - but stiff and straight look when open60/-
White back posterSheen - Has a premium textured feet and glows slightly under exhibition lightsHas no glue on the backHas to be rolled - but stiff and straight look when open60/-
Satin clothMatt makes text easier to readHas no glue on the backCan be folded like cloth. Extremely light weight70/-

Draft print and final pre-print check of scientific posters

Once the students make their choice about the media they want the poster on, we print out a small draft poster in color. This draft prints allows the students to check for last minute errors and rectify them, before proceeding for the final print. We do not design the posters. But we do understand the need for making alterations and rectifications at the eleventh hour. So if our computers are free, we offer the use of the same to the clients.

Time to print scientific posters

Once the poster is deemed error free, it does not take too much time to print out the final version of the same on our machines. The actual print typically takes about 10 minutes. If you factor in the dry time – the time it takes for the printing inks to dry, you should be on your way with the finished job in 20 – 30 minutes. Please expect to wait a little longer, in case the machines are occupied with other jobs.

Price of competition posters

The posters cost 60 rupees per square foot of size. There is a slight premium in case of satin cloth in which case the cost is 70 rupees per square foot. So for example, if your poster is of size 3 feet width by 3 feet height, the cost is 3 X 3 X 60/- = Rs.540/- plus GST. We have taken an example of a poster of size 3 feet width X 4 feet height in the price chart below. We have also put in the job specifications. A quick glance should make things clear…

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