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Research posters printed on specialized media for high-resolution output, portability, and ease of installation. Get your academic poster printed in as little as an hour.

Scientific Exhibition Poster to Ace Your Viva

Wow Your Guide With Your Impressive and Immaculate Presentation Poster

  • High-resolution college posters on special photo material 
  • Ideal for presenting academic research and ideas at scientific symposiums
  • Lightweight; Can be rolled up and even folded
  • They are easy to carry to academic meets around the world
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes
  • High-speed output to meet last-minute deadlines
  • Exhibitions poster prints starting from ₹720 (for 3 ft * 4 ft)

Scientific Exhibition Poster to Ace Your Viva

Wow Your Guide With Your Impressive and Immaculate Presentation Poster

  • High-resolution college posters on special photo material 
  • Ideal for presenting academic research and ideas at scientific symposiums
  • Lightweight; Can be rolled up and even folded
  • They are easy to carry to academic meets around the world
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes
  • High-speed output to meet last-minute deadlines
  • Exhibitions poster prints starting from INR 720 (for 3 feet * 4 feet)

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

– Malcolm X, the American Civil rights champion 

Scientific And Research Posters - Detailed Description

Being the metaphorical passport, education commands that students put their best foot forward in the fields they are pursuing. In Pune alone, we have over 100 educational institutes and 9 universities, suiting its moniker as the ‘Oxford of the East’. 

As the students graduate, they take up research projects or train as an apprentice in a particular skill. Their curriculum then requires them to make a presentation about their research, their experiences and their findings. 

And the best way to visually present their research and work to the jury is through competition posters. These are also referred to as research posters and scientific posters. A guide or teacher also grades the students on this presentation. And so, the students need to showcase their efforts in the best possible manner by procuring the best prints for their scientific presentation poster.

Also, a step further for students is visiting competitions, conferences and academic meets to present their work. Again, these printed academic posters, come to their rescue.

Characteristics of a Great Research Poster Print

  • Clarity of Print and Aesthetical Look: Research posters need to be crystal clear and of a high resolution. Print clarity is crucial to depict all the images, equations, graph lines, numerical data, etc clearly. We also need to ensure that the text is easily readable. All of these things make the academic poster look great and do their job well viz. presenting details about the research and studies undertaken.
    And the scientific exhibition poster prints we generate at Orchid Digitals get this absolutely right. With our capable Roland or Mimaki photo printers, we are able to generate beautiful and clear high-quality conference poster prints that look absolutely stunning.
  • Portability: Competition posters need to be lightweight and portable. This allows the posters to be easily carried off to other places for conferences and meets.
    • Ease of Packing: this is further to the matter of portability. Some students might also want to fold the posters like a piece of cloth. This is because they are travelling out of station, or even abroad for their presentation. Hence a fold-able research poster can be packed with the rest of the clothes in their bag.
  • Low Time to Print: Academic posters are educational assets showcasing a student’s hard work. their grades and even career depend on the same. Due to time constraints, students might be visiting the printing shop only an evening before the presentation, to get the print. In such cases, being slow isn’t affordable.
    We counter this time challenge by being both quick and diligent in our process. So much so that within an hour of giving us your print job, you can very well be on your way with your fresh and great looking science exhibition poster.

The Essentials of Scientific Poster Presentation

  • Content: A scientific poster contains a brief about the student’s research. This covers the methodology used to conduct the studies, the findings, and finally the conclusion that is arrived at. These explanations are supported by flow charts, diagrams, images, data tables, etc.
  • Design Software: Most of the students use Microsoft Powerpoint or comparable softwares to create their competition posters. Some also employ more complex design softwares like Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop. One can also download ready templates for scientific posters from here.
  • Size: There is no set standard for the size of scientific posters. The poster size is determined by the space given to the students for displaying the same. Based on our past experience, here are the sizes that most students walk in with:
    • 1 meter x 1 meter / 39.37 inches X 39.37 inches
    • 80 centimeters X 120 centimeters, 
    • 3 X 4 feet 
    • 4 feet X 6 feet

Printing Competition Posters - A Stage-wise Process

Competition posters shoulder the great responsibility of presenting a students’ hard work and grit to the jury. Therefore, they need to be immaculate and absolutely spotless – there’s no scope for errors in the final print.

We understand that posters are generally designed at the 11th hour and there are chances that errors creep in the same. But, we’d love for our young clientele to walk out with a perfect output. So, at this stage, we print out a small draft poster (A3 size) in color for them. Don’t worry – this draft print is absolutely on the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if the same was true about the food in your college canteen? 😉

Generating the draft print before the final job is processed actually makes sense. 7 times out of 10, the students have caught an error upon reviewing the same. This allows the students to check for last-minute errors and rectify them before proceeding for the final print. The benefit of this 2-step process is that the final product is absolutely on-point, both in terms of the design and the content.

Side-note: We do not design competition posters. But, we do understand the need for making alterations and rectifications at the eleventh hour. So if our computers are free, we offer the use of the same to the clients for making any last-minute changes. Alternatively, if you need to get your posters designed from scratch, here are the names of some designers who can help you out.

How Much Time Will It Take for My Competition Poster to Get Printed?

Once the draft poster is deemed error free, the actual academic poster takes almost 30 minutes to reach your hands. The printing process typically takes about 10 minutes. Factor in the dry time (time taken for the printing inks to dry), and you should be on your way with the finished job in 20 – 30 minutes. On the off-chance that our printing presses are occupied with other jobs, please expect to wait a little longer.

Material / Media Choice for Printing Science Exhibition Posters

At Orchid Digitals, students are presented with 2 media choices for printing their jobs:

  • White-back / grey-back Photo Poster: As the name suggests, photo posters allow for very high quality image reproduction. These posters can be stuck on/pinned at the venue in the colleges for the final presentation.
    Further, being made of 200 microns thick coated plastic, these posters are amazingly durable. You can graduate, find a job, get married, and yet, your summer school effort will remain recorded for posterity.
    Grey-back posters are absolutely matte, whereas white-back media has a slight sheen. The latter looks great under yellow spot lights like the ones often found in exhibitions. The image shown at the top of this page is of a research poster printed on grey back media.
  • Coarse cotton or silky satin fabric: Many of our students need to carry their science presentation posters out-station and sometimes even abroad. While the photo media mentioned above is a great option, it can only be rolled, and not folded.

At Orchid Digitals, we also offer rolls of fabric for you to print your jobs on. We have a choice of coarse cotton and a slightly shiny satin cloth for this. While the same high-resolution print quality is maintained, a print on cloth has an additional benefit. You can fold it along with the other garments in your suitcase. Just iron the cloth print on the reverse side, and you’re good to go.

How Much Does It Cost to Print A Conference Poster?

Science exhibition posters cost ₹ 60 per square foot. So for example, if your design is of size 3 feet width by 4 feet height, the cost for the print job is:

3 feet (width) X 4 feet (height) X 60 (rate per square foot) = ₹ 720/- (+ 18% GST)

There is a slight premium in case of prints on cotton and satin rolls. To make things easy, we have created a table showing the price of a 3 feet width X 4 feet height job, when printed on different media. A quick glance should make things clear…

Price for a Science Exhibition Poster of Size - 3 feet (36 inches) X 4 feet (48 inches)

Material Choice

Print on white back / grey back photo poster
Prints on coarse cotton cloth
Prints on silky / slightly silky polyester
Media Characteristics
Media can be rolled, not folded.
Media can be rolled and folded.
Media can be rolled and folded.
Is extremely light weight.
Is extremely light weight.
Needs an rigid architects roll container for packing
Can be packed in a suitcase
Can be packed in a suitcase
Rate (per square foot)
₹ 60.00
₹ 70.0
₹ 90.0
₹ 720.0
₹ 840.0
₹ 1080.0

* Please Note: 18% GST on the above rates

Shipping and Delivery

  • These posters can be delivered anywhere in India in a roll form.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the exact delivery address.

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