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marathon bibs on non tear able paper containing runners name number and other data
Pune has a lot of lovable aspects that start with the letter ‘M’. Take the delicious misal pav and the months-long monsoons, for example. While the first is an year-round love of us Punekars, the monsoons are almost over. And with the monsoons out of sight, the third beloved M of Pune is taking over – Marathons.

The culture of running for fitness and marathons isn’t exactly new to Pune. Just that more and more people are making the shift from other forms of exercise to plain old running. Almost every day in the mornings, you will see running groups practicing at the University, Vetal Hill Tekdi, Taljai hills, et cetera. Most of these enthusiastic runners aim to take part in one or the other marathons held in Pune city. And if you are a marathon organizer or an enthusiast, the part that’s brought you here is the Marathon Bib.

marathon bib contents like runner number, name, race category, sponsors' name, organizer logo, etc.

What is a Marathon Bib?

A marathon bib is quite simply the piece of paper pinned to the back and front of a runner’s vest. As shown above, this paper displays:

  • The runner’s unique participant number (A)
  • Their name (B)
  • Their blood group (C) in case of emergencies
  • The category they are running in (D) 3 km, 5 km, / male, female, etc.)
  • The sponsor’s names and company logos (F)
  • The name of the marathon (G)

A marathon bib is crucial for the marathon organizers, their crew and the runners. It helps in instant identification of the runner. Just by seeing the bib, one can ascertain the person’s name, their race category, and any other piece of information relevant to the marathon. With the importance of marathon bibs in place, let’s talk about their construction.

How are Marathon Bibs made?

A marathon is an extensive activity with a certainty of dust and sweat, and fair chance of rains. Therefore, the bib can’t simply be a piece of sheet used in everyday life printing purposes. The print needs to be crisp and clean for easy and instant identification. Also, the bib needs to be durable enough to withstand the aforementioned elements of the nature.

Marathon bibs, while they appear to be simple sheets of paper, are made differently. They are made from NT Paper, short for Non Tear able, manufactured by Technova.
The NT paper is made of 2 layers of plastic, sandwiched together with a paper coating on the top. These layers of plastic impart durability to the bib and make it tear and moisture resistant. This ensures that the bib, once pinned to the runner’s vest, won’t tear on account of sweat, rains, abrasion, scuffing, et cetera.

Further, the inks used for the bibs are different as well. The usual personal/home printers use water-based inks which get smudged very easy. The digital presses at Orchid use wax-based inks. These inks work like a blob of wax ironed upon the paper. Without getting into technicalities: what we essentially do is melt the inks and fuse them to the paper. So the inks don’t run or smudge even in wet weather conditions.

marathon bibs digitally printed on non tearable paper with identification numbers logos names and other details

Why get your Marathon Bibs printed at Orchid Digitals?

  • Quick turnaround time: We can deliver the prints even an evening before the marathon. This allows marathon organizers to gather maximum participation.

Would you like to know how we do it? Jump to the last paragraph. 

  • Exceptional print quality: Our prints are made using wax-based inks and non tearable paper. Therefore, the prints survive the challenges of a marathon (wear and tear, moisture, dust) and still manage to look great!
  • Reliable printing solutions: We believe that as marathon organizers, your concern should be the success of the marathon, and not the prints. Therefore, we take the ownership of delivering high quality marathon bibs with all the data you’ve provided.

Once you’ve given us the right data, you’ll not have to wonder if all bibs were printed right. That’s our work, and we do it pretty well.

  • Value for money printing: We provide the marathon bibs printing solution at competitive market rates and high value. When you pay for the prints, you aren’t just buying the prints – you are buying into the Orchid Digitals print assurance!
digitally printed marathon bibs ideal for athletics and other sports meets

Marathon bibs pricing

Marathon bibs are typically of size A5 landscape. That’s 210 mm X 148 mm or approximately 8.25 X 5.75 inches in size. A single sided bib of this size costs Rs.10/- + 12% GST. At two bibs per person you need to budget for a little over Rs.20/- per person.

Type of media / paper usedPrice
A5 sized 200 microns thick non tear able marathon bib digitally printedRs.10/- + 12% GST

How do we manage to provide the marathon bibs an evening before the marathon?

Marathons are a lot about inculcating and promoting discipline and a healthy habit. Therefore, to facilitate maximum participation, registrations are done both offline and online, using platforms like And often, registrations happen till the evening before the marathon. Therefore, the marathon bibs sometimes need to be printed at the 11th hour. And this, is where Orchid Digitals come in.

At Orchid Digitals, we utilize a very neat technique called VDP, short for Variable Data Printing. What VDP does, is merge the variable data component of the bib with the base design. So for example, the logo, name of the marathon, sponsors and colors would constitute the base design which remains constant in all the bibs. The runner’s number, name, sex and category (3 km, 5 km, etc.) would change from bib to bib and this forms the variable data part of the print. This requires the marathon organizers to send us a sorted list preferably in excel, of participant names, numbers, blood-group, race category, among other things.

Upon receiving this list, we feed into our VDP software, which processes all the data and makes separate digital files for each participant. All we then need to do is print these files. This smart and efficient technology greatly reduces the turn-around time for the bibs. This makes Orchid Digitals one of the premier printers in Pune who can provide you the bibs in a matter of hours, and just an evening before the marathon.

variable data needed from organizers to print on the marathon bibs
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