Personalized Ceiling Wallpaper To Enhance the Interiors of a Restaurant

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Ceiling Prints That Your Clients Will Fall in Love With

When patrons visit a fine foods restaurant, they expect delicious food. But beyond satiating their hunger and taste buds, they also expect a memorable dining experience in a premium restaurant. Fine dining goes hand in hand with classy ambience and gorgeous interiors. As a matter of fact, there are a whole lot of architects and interior designers who exclusively specialise in hotel decor. 

Crystal chandeliers, leather-covered seating and marble floorings are things that come to mind when you refer to a well-furnished space. You can also defer to Google on interior decoration ideas for restaurants. And you’ll just get more ways of making the dining experience at your place stand out.

But if you really want to take your hotel interiors to the next level, you need to personalize these interior decor ideas. For example, a nature wallpaper in a music-themed cafe will look pretty random. But images of rockstars pasted on the walls will nail the message you are trying to get across. Similarly, it’s only fair for a motorcycle themed cafe, such as Royal Enfield’s very own cafe in Goa, to have its decor oozing of motorcycles. Anything generic wouldn’t just cut it.

Orchid Digitals is often commissioned with jobs which involve creating personalised interiors for hotels. We have in the past, even printed on the table tops of fast food restaurants. This post is about a similar job, we executed for a company called Lemon Grass Hospitality at Vimannagar, Pune

Printing Ceiling Wallpapers for Where Else Cafe

Lemon Grass runs a franchisee of restaurants by the name of Where Else Cafe. Ms. Amritha Shrikumar, proprietor of one of these outlets, came to us with a peculiar problem. She wanted wallpapers installed in her dining area. But generic wallpapers would not work. Her artist had given her a particular design which we needed to blow up to a size of 40 feet and paste on the wall.

For the customer, usually the biggest inconvenience is that standard wallpaper shops sell pre-printed designs. Their albums only contain generic artworks which fell short of Amrithaji’s requirement. We at Orchid Digitals, on the other hand, could personalise their walls with just about any image they wanted. A wallpaper shop cannot give you 20 feet prints of your kids’ photographs. Orchid Digitals has done it in the past, and doing so again is cakewalk for us.

However, personalised wall papers was not the challenge in this job. Amrithaji had niches in her ceiling that she needed to be wallpapered as well. Moreover, these niches were lined with hidden lights and these lights had to reflect off our ceiling wallpaper prints. 

Now, we have ready stocks of a material called ‘3M wall vinyl’ which makes wallpapering jobs a breeze. All we do is print out your designs on this media using our high resolution inkjet photo printers. We then send across a team of fitters to paste the prints at your end. No worries if you need your wallpaper on the ceiling or the wall – we’ve got your back. 

Do read this page on our wallpaper printing services to know more about the same.

But, the challenge here was vertical in nature. Quite literally so.

The Challenge - Pasting Wallpaper on the Ceiling

In Amrithaji’s case, the problem was reverse pasting the wallpaper prints on a ceiling. That too, at a height of 15 feet from the ground. This would’ve been a walk in the park for the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, but unfortunately, he is not on our payroll. Moreover, we could not have these wallpaper prints on the ceiling peeling off / falling down after a couple of days.

Amrithaji’s architect solved the first problem for us. He provided us with a raised platform, large enough for a man to lie down on. So our fitters could now do our job in a supine position, very much like a mechanic, working under a car.

Making 3D Wallpapers on Ceiling Happen

To take care of the wallpaper peeling problem, we used a material called cast vinyl. This is a specialized print media which is heat sensitive. We first paste it on a substrate much like any regular sticker. And then, we run a heat gun over the pasted print. The hot air melts the cast vinyl in place and fuses it with the surface beneath. And voila! The chances of your 3D wallpaper on the ceiling peeling off just got taken care of.

Cast vinyls are widely used in branding vehicles. But in this case, they worked great for our ceiling application as well. There was no no chance of the print peeling off at a later date. Do take a look at the finished job in the images above.

The After Story

The client liked our work. And in this world, the reward for a good job done is that you are given more work to do 🙂

In addition to the wall and ceiling prints inside, Where Else Cafe also got a huge logo printed from us. This was later installed on the glass facade of the restaurant. We also fabricated a glow sign board for them in metal. Here are images for the same.

Closing Note

Working on interesting projects like these, keep our memories jogged about two things – 

1. No matter how much you’ve advanced in your field of work, you’ll always find newer challenges.

2. Every new challenge is a plateau of opportunity and learning. You put your mind to it, find the right solution, and you’ll emerge on the other side of the tunnel more experienced than before.

This project , like many others, gets featured in our ‘Interesting Projects’ section for this very reason. It allowed us to combine one of our key service offerings, wallpaper printing, with an interesting media (cast vinyl), to make a unique ceiling decoration idea come to life. 

So what did you think about this project? Do let us know in the comments section below. And if you are a hotel owner, make sure that you check these posts about printed menus and tent cards – we feel they’d be mighty relevant for your establishment. Cheers!

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