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Sticker printing on paper, plastic, metal foils, transparent films, vinyls, magnetic sheets, etc. Labels printed in high quality color digital printers.

Stickers food products. High resolution label printed on mirror coat paper having a slightly glossy finish


One Stop Solution for Every Sticker Type Under the Sun

  • Order low-end paper labels, shape-cut vinyl stickers, 3D embossed decals and everything in between
  • Digitally printed stickers and labels having exquisite print quality
  • Short-order job runs accepted
  • Finishing solutions like lamination and half-cutting also available
  • Prices starting at ₹30 per large size sheet containing multiple stickers


Stickers food products. High resolution label printed on mirror coat paper having a slightly glossy finish

One Stop Solution for Every Sticker Type Under the Sun

  • Order low-end paper labels, shape-cut vinyl stickers, 3D embossed decals and everything in between
  • Digitally printed stickers and labels having exquisite print quality
  • Short-order job runs accepted
  • Finishing solutions like lamination and half-cutting also available
  • Prices starting at ₹30 per large size sheet containing multiple stickers

Detailed Description

Stickers are ubiquitous in our everyday life. We don’t give a lot of thought to these small pieces of paper stuck onto products and price tags. And yet, there is an entire industry devoted to the manufacture of labels that impart information, entice customers, and drive sales. And at the risk of sounding boastful, Orchid Digitals stands at the forefront of this industry.

Imagine: You are a bottler of honey or a manufacturer of homemade snacks / pharaal. Honey is a fairly generic product. Unless you go for a different kind of bottle/container, your bottle is most probably going to end up looking like every other competitor’s bottle. Sitting together on a supermarket shelf, there’s not going to be much to distinguish the two. Likewise for snacks.

Now, even if your product is superior, you need something to distinguish your offering from everyone else’s. And this is exactly where good packaging, and more specifically, exceptional labels and stickers come in.

Different Types of Stickers & Labels Available

Stickers come in many varieties, each suited to a different kind of application. Let’s talk about the different varieties of stickers printed at Orchid Digitals.

  1. Gloss Coated Paper Labels: Probably the most used sticker type in the digital printing industry. It is made of paper and has a glossy mirror like coating on top. The coating allows for very vibrant colors and accurate image reproduction. Product labels are the main application for mirror or gloss coat stickers.

    The bottle of honey from the example in our introduction will carry this kind of a label on it. The adhesive on this label is also pretty strong. Once stuck, it’s almost impossible to peel the label as a whole from the surface.

2. Non Tearable and Water Resistant Plastic Stickers: Some products need more durable labels that can withstand moisture. Examples of this would be food containers that need to be refrigerated or labels for machines on the shop floor, etc. In such a use-case, regular, paper based sticker sheets would wrinkle and peel off in a moist environment. Here, plastic non-tearable stickers work admirably.

The paper stickers are cheaper than the non-tearable ones and are used on packets and as price labels. However, for long term applications like product branding and labels carrying machine information, these stronger plastic stickers are the real deal.

non tear-able plastic sticker used for lableing premium products at the Shape Well clinic

3. Transparent Stickers: Transparent plastic stickers showcase the product within while imparting information at the same time.

To understand the utility, let’s go back to our earlier example of the bottle of honey. Based on its grade, honey comes in different shades from light golden to dark. The manufacturer might want the color of the product to be visible to the end user. In this situation, it makes sense to use a transparent label on the bottle instead of an opaque white sticker.

Labels for mineral water bottles also fall under this category of stickers. Transparent stickers are also plastic based and more robust in moist environments than regular paper stickers.

transparent stickers which allow you to see through to the other side
transparent labels ideal for labelling see through glass bottles and plastic pouches

4. Metallised Labels for Premium Products: Take a look at premium products like cosmetics or deodorants. You’ll most likely observe that the stickers on their bottles are metallised. A gold or silver finish adds another dimension to the sticker and gives a very rich look to the product. 

At Orchid Digitals, we have both glossy and brush/matte finish metallic sticker sheets to choose from. The colors available are gold, silver and copper.

Premium looking stickers printed on a gold finish paper. Attractive metallic labels for Mr. Milk product cartons to draw buyer attention
Silver metallic labels of the Bee Basket food company make for a very premium looking sticker

5. Kiss-Cut or Shape-Cut Stickers: The one common thing about all the different sticker varieties listed above is that they are all rectangular, square, or essentially regular in shape. But what if you need a sticker in a custom design and shape, say the shape of your company logo?

Or perhaps you prefer a non-linear shape that follows the contours of your product. At Orchid Digitals, we have a cutting plotter integrated in the printing machine. Through this, we can generate stickers of just about any shape you can think of. To find out more about these customized kiss cut stickers, check out this detailed page.

custom shape cut vinyl stickers digitally printed and cut on the edges with one of the labels being raised by a hand
kiss cut stickers of three bees printed on vinyl media and plotter cut on their outline

6. UV Coated 3D Raised Effect Stickers: You might have noticed a bumped up or 3D effect on stickers of certain premium products. This embossed effect adds a tactile feel to logos. Also, it helps highlight certain areas of the print. For example: the eyes or lips of the model may look glossy and raised while the rest of the image is given a matt and subdued finish. 

This effect is achieved by a process called spot UV printing. This technology is not widely available at most printing stores. This fills us at Orchid Digitals with even more pride in being able to provide this particular kind of sticker printing service to you.

You can read more about these 3D Raised Effect stickers here.

Shape cut sticker of the ‘Freedom’ brand logo given a raised, embossed effect using a UV ink coat
‘Inspire’ logo shape cut and embossed. UV coated to give a raised effect

7. Reflective Stickers: Decals created out of radium reflective material shine in low light conditions. These reflective stickers are widely used in creating vehicle decals and parking permits for cars and bikes in housing societies. These are ideal for low-light situations and scenarios where you want your sticker to shine up brightly and become visible.

We have a specialised media called 3M HIP. 3M is an American brand specialising in glues and adhesives. HIP stands for High Intensity Prismatic film. This film has small prisms (bits of glass) embedded under its surface. These prisms act like a mirror to intensely reflect light and make our print visible in low light conditions. Learn more about night reflective stickers by clicking here.

reflective prints on 3M HIP high intensity prismatic films which contain lens to reflect light at night when light shines on them
reflective vinyl prints which shine brightly at night

8. Night Glow Stickers: Night glow prints as the name suggest glow in complete darkness. They absorb light during the day and slowly emit the same out when night falls or when the light go out. These radium stickers are widely used to create emergency exit and fire safety signs

In the event of a fire, electrical supply is one of the first things that stop functioning. Visibility is reduced. People trapped in dark, smoke filled rooms need help finding the nearest exit. In the absence of power, an electrically lit sign is of no use. So we need glow in the dark prints which are easily visible and do not need electricity to work. Glow in the dark prints also have a novelty value. Stickers made of this material are often to be seen stuck on the walls of children’s rooms acting as a non powered nighlight.

night glow safety signs being printed on a UV inkjet wide format printer
glow in the dark safety signs emitting a greenish light in full darkness

9. Fluorescent Stickers: Most stickers have a white base and you print colored images on to of them. But fluorescent stickers sheets come in extremely vibrant and eye-catching colors And any thing printed on top of these sheets is sure to catch attention. All of us have heard of the adjective – bright fluorescent green (or yellow / orange). These bright colors have one agenda – to draw attention to them. Discount labels or sale stickers are generally printed on these colored sheets.

fluorescent colored labels to draw attention

10. Reverse Pasting Stickers: When people think of self adhesive labels, they automatically visualise a printed sheet with glue beneath the same for pasting. And this holds true 99% of the time. But when it comes to pasting stickers on transparent surfaces like glass and clear sheets of acrylic, the stickers can also be pasted from the inward surface of the same. Hence in this case we need the glue to be applied on the top printed surface of the sticker. 

The most common examples of reverse gummed stickers are probably the ‘PUC or Pollution Under Control’ inspection stickers that we stick on the inside of the car’s windscreen. Parking permits for four wheelers are a similar example.  So while most stickers have glue on their lower surface, reverse pasting stickers have a layer of adhesive on top of the printed front surface. This allows the parking sticker to be pasted from inside the vehicle cabin, onto the inwards surface of the glass. You can read in detail about parking stickers here.

Reverse pasting vinyls are also used to brand the windows of high-rise buildings. Accessing a window on the 7th floor (or 17th, for that matter) of a building, from the outside, may prove to be difficult. So an easier way to brand the window would be from the inside. Using reverse pasting film, you can flaunt your communication facing outside.

Reverse pasting of glass prints where the film is pasted from the inside surface of the glass panel
front glass facade of a cafe decorated using opaque glass prints film

11. Magnetic Stickers: Prints on magnets are not self adhesive labels in the sense that they do not use glue. But they work admirably by sticking on to metallic surfaces. At Orchid Digitals we create custom printed magnets using a material called ‘Plasto ferrite’ magnet sheets

As the name suggests, this sheet is made of a thin sheet of magnetised iron, sandwiched between two layers of plastic. One side of this sheet is printable. The other side is magnetised and adheres to any iron surface. Fridge magnets are a prime application of this type of magnetic stickers. You can learn more about our magnetic stickers solutions here.

magnets showing vacation photos of a family pasted all over the door of a refrigerator
personalised fridge magnets showing images of loved ones pasted on the door of a refrigerator make for a wonderful gift

12. Dome Labels: Product labels and logo stickers, especially on electronic white goods generally have a raised 3D dome or clear bubble on top. These product stickers are created by pouring a clear epoxy liquid on top of the shape cut vinyl sticker. You can read more about the dome stickers here

While this product is no longer made in Orchid Digitals, it’s mentioned here to make this list more inclusive. 

blue circular domed stickers having a raised effect make for premium quality logo stickers
dome stickers made of the Logo of Pride Purple using a liquid clear epoxy

13. Removable Adhesive Stickers: Some stickers are like post-it notes and might have to be removed after they’ve served their purpose. Regular stickers leave behind a layer of glue if someone tries to peel them off, making the surface look tacky. RA stickers, short for removable adhesive stickers, leave no residual glue that could spoil the surface of the product upon peeling. This makes them ideal for laptop skins and for personalising mobile phone covers.

A prime use-case scenario of removable adhesive stickers is when you need to advertise on a vehicle. Prints on buses and rickshaws need to be removed once the ad campaign is over. In this case, even upon removal, the adhesive on the back of the sticker won’t spoil the paint of the vehicle. Orchid Digitals provides specialized vehicle media prints for such applications.

14. Non Removable Decals for More Permanent Applications: We have special cast vinyl stickers which can be melted onto the surface of vehicles. This makes the adhesion extremely strong and the sticker extremely difficult to peel. 

These types of stickers are used to permanently brand vehicles and other products. Moreover, these stickers are printed using UV inks. This makes the top surface of the decal scratch, heat, and water resistant.

Custom designed vehicle branding done on the side of a tempo traveller belonging to MSeva company
Commercial vehicle branding on the uneven corrugated surface of a container truck using UV printed cast vinyl

15. UV Printed Scratch Resistant Stickers: The glue beneath a decal could be strong or weak depending on the use-case scenarios and requirements discussed above. But, at times the inks on top of the sticker needs to be very strong as well. If the surface where the sticker is applied is going to be continually handled, wiped or washed, the inks need to be scratch resistant. 

UV printed stickers are robust enough to withstand high levels of abrasion and scuffing. So while you can get away with printing a price label on ordinary sticker paper, a logo sticker used to permanently brand a product should be UV printed.

In fact, UV inks are so strong that they are even used to create floor stickers for malls and retail shops. These stickers do not spoil even when hundreds of customers walk on top of them.

social distancing floor stickers pasted on the ground in a supermarket aisle
floor sticker pasted on the ground advertising a service of the Master Card company in a novel and eye catching way

16. Tamper Proof Labels That Break When They’re Removed: Everyone’s familiar with the ‘Warranty Void if Seal Tampered’ label on consumer goods. The specialty of this label is that it breaks / cracks into small parts if someone tries to peel it. This cracking of the media makes it impossible to peel the whole sticker and then repaste it later. This acts as a giveaway and ensures that the product has not been tampered with. The industry name for this security product is destructible vinyl labels.

If you try to peel off a tamper proof security label it disintegrates into small pieces. This media is also known as a Destructible Vinyl sticker
Tamper Evident Labels are ideal for securing packages. Try peeling them and they will tear into small parts instead of coming out fully.

Different Finishing Options Available After Sticker Printing Is Done

As seen above, stickers get printed on plastic, paper, metal foils and other media. Orchid Digitals also provides a few finishing options for these different media. For example a metallic sticker can be given a gloss, matt or even glitter finish. The most frequently requested finishing options for stickers are listed :

1. Half-Cutting of Sticker Paper: Half cutting is how we create stickers that can be simply peeled off from the sheet and applied wherever we want them.
This process slits the upper layer of the sticker that bears the adhesive. The release paper (the lower layer of the sticker), is not cut and kept intact. This makes peeling the stickers extremely easy.
Stickers are generally printed in multiples on large sheets of size 12 * 18 inches or bigger. Therefore, half-cutting the stickers makes sense since you can simply peel off the sticker from the sheet and apply it wherever you need it. CD / DVD labels are examples of precut sheets

2. Lamination: Some premium products need labels that do not get easily scuffed or scratched. In these scenarios, we laminate the stickers with an additional layer of transparent film. This film also comes in a choice of gloss and matt finish.

3. Variable Data Printing: In some situations, the content of each individual sticker may vary. For example: the job may call for individual address labels to bear the different addresses of the recipients. Alternatively, there might be a case where each sticker might contain different numbers from a sequence. What we do at Orchid is pull this variable data from a database, place it in a predefined format and print out labels containing different information. This enables us to print stickers each bearing the details of the individual entities.

How Much Does Sticker Printing Cost

As described above, decals could be printed on a single sheet of paper or a huge roll of vinyl. Sticker sheets in print houses are generally in size 12 inches by 18 inches (A3 extra). Obviously, the price point quoted here is on a per sheet basis.

On the other hand, vinyls are huge rolls of printable plastics, very much like bales of cloth. You need to print a larger area when working with vinyls. Rates quoted here are on a per square foot basis. For more details about vinyl printing, jump to this post here.

Going by the above explanation, here is a price chart for printing different types of stickers.

Type of sticker Rate per sheet (size 12 inches * 18 inches) Rate per square foot

Mirror coat paper sticker

₹ 30*
Non tearable plastic sticker
₹ 40*
Transparent sticker
₹ 40*
Metallic sticker
₹ 40*
Shape cut stickers
₹ 90*
UV raised effect stickers
₹ 150*
Radium reflective stickers
₹ 90*
Reverse-pasting stickers
₹ 90*
Magnetic Stickers prints
₹ 450*
Removable adhesive stickers
₹ 90*
Permanent adhesive stickers
₹ 150*
Scratch-resistant UV Sticker Prints
₹ 90*
Destructible vinyl stickers
Please enquire.

Please note:

  • The first four items in the list above are available in large size sheets of dimensions 12 inches * 18 inches. Hence, the rate is given per sheet.
  • The remaining stickers are available in the form of large rolls of plastic. Hence the rate quoted is per square foot (12 inches wide by 12 inches high).
  • 18% GST applicable on the prices mentioned above

Shipping and Delivery

  • Stickers are delivered anywhere in India. 
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the  delivery address.

How to Determine the Cost per Sticker of Your Specific Design?

As mentioned above, sticker prices are generally quoted per area of the material, either as a square foot or as a sheet of size 12*18 inches. But both these areas are most probably larger than your small sized sticker.

So how do you figure out the per piece cost of your individual label?

This process involves a little bit of reverse calculation. What we need to do is, figure out how many individual pieces labels fit in an area of 12 inches * 12 inches.

Let’s suppose that we have a vehicle decal of size 4 inches * 2 inches.

Further, we need 180 individual stickers.

4 times 3 is 12 on the horizontal axis and 2 times 6 is 12 on the vertical axis. So we can fit 3 columns and 6 rows of our 4*2 size in one square foot. One square foot of sticker material will give us 18 individual labels. And for 180 vehicle decals we need to budget for 10 square feet of the said sticker material.

Please Note: Stickers are not individually produced. They are in fact processed on large sized rolls having 3, 4 and even 5 feet. So please consider a minimum order quantity / M.O.Q. of 10 square feet while calculating your budget

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