Personalised Wooden Tea Coasters

A reminder of your loved ones, over a hot cup of chai…

  • Tea coasters printed with your design / content
  • Can carry your company logo or pics of your loved ones
  • Unique and hyper personalised gifting solution
  • UV printed inks are scratch proof and waterproof
  • Made of 4 mm thick waterproof MDF (wooden sheets)
  • Size = 4 inches square with rounded corners
  •  Pricing Starting from ₹ 60 / coaster


Tea Coasters – Detailed Description

The best gift that you can give a loved one, should fulfil the following characteristic:

  1. It should bring value to the giftee
  2. The gift should help retain your memory in the recipient’s mind
  3. And if the gift is personalised, it becomes the icing on top of the cake

So if you are looking for a gifting solution that meets the above requirements, look no further than our Personalised Tea Coasters – a gift that ticks all the above boxes. Tea coasters for gifting are loved by all who receive the gift.

A tea coaster is something that everybody uses. But what sets our coasters apart is the intense level to which we can personalise them. We can create coasters bearing your loved one’s image, your company’s logo or any design that you provide. And it is this personalisation that turns a simple product to an inimitable present. DIY picture coasters & DIY drink coasters make great gifts for your family and friends.

custom printed coasters on acrylic and wood
custom printed coasters on acrylic and wood
printed table coasters having your own personal design
printed table coasters having your own personal design

Benefits of Gifting Printed Coasters

Personalized tea coasters bearing your company’s logo or product photographs also make for a great marketing gift.

These coasters are always going to remain on the recipient’s desk/table. They will not be discarded (because after all, who doesn’t drink tea or coffee :-). And they always help retain your memory in the client’s mind.

Although a great idea for memorabilia, this product is not very expensive. You can hand them over to a new/prospective client to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

Apart from the commercial angle, custom printed coasters make for a fabulous gifting idea for friends or family members. Hand over coasters bearing images of a loved one and they are sure to elicit a ‘wow’. Imagine how cool it would be to have a set of coasters on your dining table or work desk, bearing close up photos of your kids and spouse.

reverse printed coasters on acrylic to give back painted glass like effect
reverse printed coasters on acrylic to give back painted glass like effect
uv printed coasters carrying personalised designs
uv printed coasters carrying personalised designs
tea coaster holder stand
tea coaster holder stand
Tea coasters made of mdf wood with a floral design laser engraved on top
Tea coasters made of wood with a floral design laser engraved on top
coasters having company logo printed on them
printed table coasters made off mdf or wood make for a great gifting idea
printed table coasters made off wood

Custom Printed Coasters – Material Specifications

Looking for tea coasters online? Our tea coasters are made out of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) which is a sort of wood pressed into thin sheets. This MDF sheet is 3 – 4 mm thick. It is also waterproof and will not spoil even if any beverage spills on it. We use our laser cutters to create tea coaster ‘blanks.’ These 4-inch blanks are square-shaped with rounded corners.

Because they are laser cut, these DIY coasters have a very precise finish. While most coasters are square, we can also produce nonlinear shapes like circles and triangles.

The next step is to print upon these blank wood coasters. At Orchid Digitals, we have a specialized UV printing machine that can print DIY photo coasters directly on flat objects. This UV printer helps us print out any image you can think of, onto our MDF sheets. So all we have to do is push in our tea coaster blanks into the UV printer, hit the print button and voila, your very own, custom-printed tea coasters are ready.

Here is a short video clip showing this product being processed at our place.

Benefits of UV Inks

UV inks are almost indestructible. By this, we mean that they are rock hard and very difficult to scratch off. Moreover, UV inks are waterproof. Couple these strengths with our waterproof MDF sheet and you can rest assured that our personalized wood coasters will be able to handle substantial wear and tear. Which is exactly what is needed, of a product on which hot and cold beverages are going to spill on a daily basis.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Cost for Getting Personalised Tea Coasters Printed

Tea Coasters

2500.00/ 50 copies*

Personalised tea coaster prints

  • High resolution colour print
  • mounted on approx. 3.5mm thick MDF (wood)
  • Dimensions: 3.8 inches X 3.8 inches
  • Circle shape or square shape with rounded corners
  • Laminated vinyl print on top
  • Print is waterproof, scratch, oil, and dust resistant
  • Can carry your company logo or pics of your loved ones
  • Ideal solution for gifting or for corporate branding

* Please Note:

  • The rates quoted above attract 18% GST
  • The minimum order quantity for this product is 50 pieces

Shipping and Delivery

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