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Top pasting parking stickers for bikes & reverse pasting stickers for car windshields in regular & reflective media. Design options with serial numbers possible.

circular artwork of vehicle parking stickers for cars and bikes

Personalised Parking Permits for Housing Societies

Attractively designed parking permits for identification and security in societies

  • Parking stickers for security and vehicle identification
  • Weather-proof | Impervious to water, dust, sunlight, etc.
  • Highly customisable – no bar on the shape, size
  • Ideal for maintaining security in society/office spaces
  • Design support included – Will show your society name
  • Include serial numbers on the stickers for ease of tracking
  • Night reflective vehicle parking stickers ideal for low-light conditions also available
  • India-wide shipping available
  • Custom society parking stickers starting at ₹ 10 per piece

Personalised Parking Permits for Housing Societies

circular artwork of vehicle parking stickers for cars and bikes

Attractively designed parking permits for identification and security in societies.

  • Parking stickers for security and vehicle identification
  • Weather-proof | Impervious to water, dust, sunlight, etc.
  • Highly customisable – no bar on the shape, size
  • Ideal for maintaining security in society/office spaces
  • Design support included – Will show your society name
  • Include serial numbers on the stickers for ease of tracking
  • Night reflective vehicle parking stickers ideal for low-light conditions also available
  • India-wide shipping available
  • Custom society parking stickers starting at ₹ 10 per piece

Vehicle Parking Stickers - Detailed Description

The world is growing at a lightning-fast pace.

New residential societies and office spaces are coming up every now and then. And these residential and commercial spaces witness a massive volume of vehicles coming in and going out every day.

There has to be a way to regulate this volume and facilitate instant identification of vehicles. You need to be able to pinpoint which vehicles are cleared for entry and, more importantly – which aren’t.

As the society’s committee member, you have to achieve all the above effectively and at a low cost.

Enter, vehicle parking stickers / society parking permits.

parking permit stickers for two wheelers and four wheelers with the name of the society and a serial number
vehicle parking stickers personalised with variable data like the name of the society, parking bay numbers, expiry date, serial number etc.

How Do Vehicle Parking Stickers Help?

Society parking stickers act like instant identifiers for the security team to screen vehicle activity. The beauty of these stickers is that they help identify and filter vehicles without being intrusive.

To help in quick identification, these stickers include:

  • Name of the society/commercial space – This is the most common identifier on the print.
  • Building/block/wing number – Large townships with multiple buildings may also want to include individual building/wing names in the sticker.
  • Level of clearance – house owner or tenant. Stickers can further be colour-coordinated to distinguish between long term residents and transient members.
  • We can even include granular details like vehicle registration number, owner name, etc. (Although I would personally not recommend this since, in some cases, this may lead to loopholes in security).
close up view of a car parking sticker pasted on the windscreen
car parking sticker reverse pasted from inside the vehicle windscreen

Benefits of Society Parking Stickers

Endless Customization Options

Each society/commercial space has a different personality. Similarly, all our customers have different ways of approaching things. And this often gets reflected in the designs they choose for their parking permits as well.

And so, we go out of our way to ensure that our clients get what they want.

You can customise every aspect of our parking stickers — their shape, their size, colour and even the content that goes into their design. For example, while our standard parking stickers are rectangular, you can also opt for a circular or triangular configuration.

We can also include variable data like serial numbers, sticker expiry date, etc.

Ease of Use

Our parking stickers are pretty simple to use. Just peel off the adhesive film (front or back, depending on which vehicle you’re applying it to) and stick it onto the surface. Apply just a little bit of pressure to even out the sticker, and voila – it’s all set!


This product is made of vinyl (a printable roll of plastic). Further, it has a protective coat of lamination on top. Hence, these society parking stickers are highly impervious to any damage from water, dust, sunlight and other vagaries of the weather. Moreover, the prints are also scratch and scuff-resistant.

Low-Cost One-Time Solution

Unless they’re tampered with, these stickers stay on because of their weather-proofing and great adhesivity. They make lives much easier for both vehicle riders/drivers and the security team. And if you consider the small per sticker costing, the returns are absolutely phenomenal.

Distinguish Between Resident and Tenant Parking Permits

A significant proportion of the people living in large townships are tenants as against the more permanently residing owners. And in such cases, some societies opt for different vehicle parking stickers for each group.

At Orchid Digitals, our design templates take care of this need as well. We make a provision of differently coloured stickers for owners and tenant members.

Moreover, tenants, by definition, reside in the housing complex for a limited amount of time. And so, their parking permit design has an additional expiry/validity field.

two variations of a car parking sticker design to differentiate between a permanent residents and tenants of the Admirality Manor housing society

Can Logos be Included in The Parking Sticker Designs?

Many of our clients ask us to include their society logo in the designs we share with them.

And yes, this is possible.

We use ready, preexisting templates to generate bike and car parking sticker designs. And while these templates restrict us from designing new logos, we can customise the same to include your existing society logos.

To make this happen, do share your original high-resolution logo file with us. You can generally find this with the office-bearers of the housing complex or with the original builder/construction company of the apartments.

How Are Parking Stickers Applied?

Parking stickers are generally allocated to two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

For two-wheelers, bike parking stickers have to be pasted onto the body. The most common spots include the mud-guard, the windshield, or the fuel tank.

Car parking stickers are manufactured differently. Here the glue is applied on the front face (printed surface) of the sticker. This is because cars parking stickers need to be reversely pasted beneath the car’s windshield.

This reverse pasting keeps the sticker safe from the elements such as dust, water, sunlight, etc. It also prevents the possibility of tampering with the sticker.

Here are two videos that show how to peel and paste our stickers on your vehicles.

Parking Stickers For Low-light Conditions - Reflective and Night Glowing!

There is a very premium variant of stickers that shine brightly at night.

And at the risk of sounding boastful, we have to state that Orchid Digitals is the only provider in India of night-reflective parking stickers.

These stickers are made of a specialised film that has a unique property of shining with extremely high intensity in the dark, even when there’s little light falling on it. The industrial name for this product is HIP – High-Intensity Prismatic film manufactured by a famous American company – 3M.

To give you an idea of how effective this solution is, HIP is the same material that’s used in creating highway signboards. Even in the dark, these signboards light up as soon as a bit of light falls on them, making them very noticeable. The reflective bike/car parking sticker announces the arrival of your vehicle to the security team from a distance.

You can find out more about 3M-HIP on this very detailed product page here.

4 wheeler parking stickers for a society shining in the dark because they are printed on reflective media
3M HIP high intensity prismatic film

Why Are Reflective Parking Stickers a Better Alternative?

Scenarios with low-light (and low visibility) usually require a closer inspection of the parking permit by the security team. This verification takes both time and effort and can often lead to irritation and extra waiting time.

We resolve this problem by supplying society parking stickers that keep shining and are visible from a distance, even at night.

The security team can identify the vehicle long before it reaches the entry gate and quickly raises the boom barrier to permit vehicle entry. The whole process of giving access to society members now becomes smoother.

Finally, as we earlier mentioned, we are the only providers of reflective parking stickers in India. Hence, to duplicate a parking permit made out of 3M HIP from elsewhere is almost impossible.

How Are Parking Stickers Made?

The advantage of buying your parking stickers from Orchid Digitals is that you get a personalised sticker bearing your society’s name or logo as against the generic designs provided by most of our competitors.

So when we provide parking stickers to you, we follow the following steps:

Step 1: We take some inputs from your end

To personalise the design, we would require some essential details. For example:

  • The name of your society,
  • The media (regular or reflective) you want the stickers printed on, and…
  • The number of prints that you need

You can submit this information right away by filling in the form below.

Step 2: You’ll get a formal proposal from us:

Armed with the above data, we create some draft designs bearing your society’s name and, if needed, even its logo. We’ll also mail across a formal proposal containing the above-listed media options.

The proposal will explain the difference between regular and night reflective parking permits. It will also give an idea of the cost you’ll be expected to pay for the same.

What Is Included In the Cost of The Parking Stickers?

The price in our proposal includes support for designing (limited to the templates available at our end).

It includes 18% GST. This is important. If your society has a GST number, you get a credit back for the same. So please remember to share your GSTIN if applicable.

Finally, the price includes delivery to your address by prime courier. The courier service takes 3-5 days to reach most metros in India. For tier 2 cities, please add another couple of days.

Step 3: Placing an Order and Payments

If the designs work for you and the concerned committee/stakeholders, we send you an online payment link along with the invoice of the finalised job. Kindly make the payment.

Step 4: Printing and Dispatch

Once the order and payments are through, it takes us a day or two to print out the job of your vehicle parking stickers. We then despatch the same through a courier to your address. Please consider an additional 3-4 days for the courier package to reach you.

Minimum Order Quantity

The MOQ – Minimum order quantity for this product is 100 stickers per category.

We print parking permits on large rolls of vinyl, 4 – 5 feet wide. And once we load these rolls on our wide format printer, the machine generates 100 – 200 stickers as a bare minimum.

Hence, while we’d love to cater to the needs of smaller societies, we have no option but to sell this product in larger batches.

Vehicles keep changing, as do the members of any housing complex. So, even if your immediate need is less than 100 stickers, may I recommend that you stock some extra prints for use in the future?

What Is the Cost of Society Parking Stickers?

The cost of vehicle parking permits depends on two factors:

  • The size of an individual sticker
  • The base media – simple vinyl or reflective vinyl (for low-light conditions)

To give you an idea of the cost, we have considered a standard size of 2.5 inches (width) x 3 inches height:

Sticker Option (based on vehicle)
Hi- Res Vinyl Print

High-quality print on photo vinyl (does not reflect in dark)
Reflective 3M - HIP (High Intensity Prismatic) Print

Ideal for dark area conditions and instant recognition. Reflects light brightly at night.

Car Parking Sticker

Reverse Pasting -
Adhesive film on top; to be pasted from inside the car onto the windshield

₹ 20*

₹ 35*

Bike Parking Sticker

Front Pasting -
Adhesive film on bottom; to be pasted on top of surface

₹ 15*

₹ 30*

This cost involves:

  • Limited support for designing
    Delivery by prime / fast courier to your location
  • 18% GST, which can be claimed as an input tax credit if your society has a GST number

Shipping and Delivery

  • Parking stickers are delivered anywhere in India.
  • There are no extra delivery charges for the same.

Ready to Buy Parking Stickers?

We understand that a committee mostly makes the purchase decisions in a co-operative housing society. And so, to help you decide on which stickers to opt for, we’d love to courier across actual samples of both the regular and reflective variants of parking stickers.

These samples will give you an exact idea of what to expect when you order the final job from us. Do mention your detailed shipping address, name, and other contact details in the below form to take this further.

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