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Frosted glass film and printable glass films are a quick and economical alternative to the traditional method of etching on glass. If you are an interior designer or are looking to give that ‘wow’ effect to the glass partitions in your office / home, read on to find out the options available at Orchid Digitals.

frosted glass film with logo cut out Logos cut on frosted glass film and pasted on office partition etched frosted glass film Dusty sandblasted look for glass using etching film

Huzefa of Essential Decors needed a fast and cost effective option to glass etching. The timelines were tight and we had three days from conception to installation. What we provided him with, was a frosted glass film which gave him the effect he desired. This film has a vinyl like sticker back for pasting on the glass partition. We used our Roland Print & Cut VS 640 to cut his brand logos and designs in the film.

Glass has traditionally been etched by acid to give it a frosted look.

  1. You needed to first create stencils of your design
  2. The stencil were then placed on the glass and washed with acid
  3. The area exposed to the acid is where the design is created
  4. This process has always been costly and time consuming
  5. Moreover acid etching happens in the workshop and the glass then has to be carted to the installation site to be fixed. You cannot acid etch the glass once it has been fixed or installed.

Frosted glass film / etching film can…

  • Brand the customers logos on the existing glass partition already installed at the customers end
  • Provide privacy to the people sitting inside
  • Let natural light pass through
  • Give the glass a rich and beautiful etched / frosted look. People also refer to  this look as sandblasted glass effect.
  • Logos and designs can be straight cut or reverse cut

At Orchid we can print on regular frosted film as well as on glitter frosted film. Take a look at the end effect in the photo slider above…

Glass can also be branded by printing on

  • One way vision film: This film, also known as mesh vinyl is printed upon and pasted on glass. The person standing outside, sees the image / branding. The person on the inside of the cabin can see outside, just like the tinted films used on car windows.
  • Opaque photo vinyl: This is printable white vinyl. Vision is restricted from both the sides of the glass partition.
  • Transparent film: Here the film can be printed upon, but is entirely transparent, allowing people to see through from either side
  • Frosted glass film can also be printed upon: Vision is restricted but natural light passes through