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Our favorite Pune based designers

Whether you need to print a page sized flier, or a large road spanning hoarding, you need a good design to convey your thoughts and ideas. A good layout, judicious use of colors and images will help keep people’s attention. In fact print costs remain the same irrespective of whether the content within, is good or bad. So take the extra effort to create a good design.

Unfortunately, we do not have an in house designer. We are primarily printers and do not provide design solutions. Our clients (most of which are ad agencies and media people) bring their own artwork ofr printing. But every now and then a customer does require a professional to design her /his artwork. If you need design solutions, here are a few agencies that we recommend. These are designers we love working with…

If you have a fairly good idea of what you need, you can work with these DTP designers. DTP agencies will help you with visiting cards, banners, leaflets, brochures


JMD Media

Name: Sandip Shah
Phone: 9665720007


Gurudas Advertising

Name: Yogesh
Phone: 9422004353


Company name

Name: Devika Khadilkar
Phone: 9604045230


Graphina Designs

Name: Mahesh Thakur
Phone: 9822019775


Arsenic Media Labs

Name: Ali Asgar Maqbool
Phone: 9657869822


Teamwork Designs

Name: Chintu (Shakeel Memon)
Phone: 9890909085


Company name

Name: Amol Jagtap
Phone: 9850272387

Ad agencies can give you end to end solutions for branding, conceptualization, direct marketing, copy writing, designing, etc. The can create a campaigns to cover forms of media ranging from the web, electronic, print, newspaper, etc.


Mr. Samarth Singh


Design Tells

Mr. Nisarg Udeshi