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Print a 2 inch visiting card… a 200 foot hoarding… and everything in between…

At Orchid Digitals, we offer virtually every digital printing service that you can think of and some that you may not have even imagined possible. As such, this company profile of ours is designed to deliver the following information…

Printing and Signage Applications at Orchid Digitals

Pune has a number of printing units giving solutions for one particular kind of printing. But perhaps, Orchid Digitals is the only one, addressing all the verticals for digital printing and signage, in Pune. While our end applications are just too numerous to comprehensively list, here is a quick summary of what we do…

high resolution poster prints installed in the Atidiv office using acrylic sandwich panels

Corporate Space – Branding

Our prints and display solutions personalize the decor of your office, retail outlets and commercial spaces. Display your company logos in 3D using laser cut acrylic use personalised wall prints to showcase your business philosophy or commission us to fabricate beautiful backlit frames to highlight your product images or list your services. Personalise the interiors of every area in your office including walls, glass partitions, ceilings and even the ground you walk on!

Shop-boards & Logo Boards

The exteriors of your office are just as important as the interiors. In fact, your shop board is the first thing your clients will see. And this first impression has to be the very best one you can create.
Hence apart from displaying your identity, a good-looking board is an absolute must for every shop, store, and retail outlet.

Orchid Digitals offers solutions for shop boards, ranging from non-lit metal frames and backlit glow sign boards all the way to ultra-premium 3D acrylic LED signs.

backlit letters made of metal and acrylic and lit up with embedded LEDs. Letters are mounted on a wooden panel to create a classy looking shop board

Glass Film Printing

Glass panels and partitions in offices are often overlooked while considering branding options. But these panels offer a great opportunity to enhance your office interiors. Moreover, personalised designs can display your product images or business philosophy on a highly visible area of your office.

Orchid Digitals offers custom prints on a variety of films for glass. These films can be pasted and easily removed from the glass partitions in your work area.

Apart from instantly converting your panels into highly visual and eye-catching branding/advertising verticals, our glass films also impart varying degrees of privacy – For example transparent, opaque, frosted and one way vision, etc.

Stickers Printing

‘Stickers’ is a generic term which can be used to denote labels and decals used on parking permits, price tags, magnetic sheets, logos on premium products, skins for laptops and mobiles, product labels, outdoor weather-proof labels, etc.

This includes low-end paper labels, high-end 3D embossed stickers, speciality application reflective stickers, shape-cut vehicle decals, metallic finish stickers and more.

Orchid Digitals prints virtually every sticker type that you can think of. And all of this at a very high-quality and competitive price.

Design for a science exhibition poster about medicinal plants created by a student from Agharkar Research Institute - ARI

Exhibition Solutions

Exhibitions are the one place where you absolutely must put your best foot forward. You are spending a lot of money (and time) to reach out to new customers. And all the while, these prospective customers are judging you by the impression you make. So information about your brand, products, and services must be presented in the finest way possible. 

At Orchid Digitals, we offer virtually every exhibition solution to make your event a grand success. Our offerings in this category are especially designed to be –

Laser Etching, Engraving and Cutting Services

Prototyping engineers, hobbyists, arts and craft enthusiasts, fashion designers, sign makers, gift and toy makers, name plate creators, stencil makers, etc. need to get a variety of materials cut in different shapes.

These materials cannot be cut by hand tools like scissors, blades or drills. In fact nothing matches the precision of cutting on a laser machine

At Orchid Digitals we have high-powered precision laser-cutters and engravers that can work with a variety of materials like paper, fabric, plastic, acrylic, wood, MDF, polycarbonate, etc. All you have to do is bring in your materials, your cutting design / engraving design and get them processed at our unit.

collage of products laser cut and engraved including cake toppers of paper, gold finish letters of acrylic, metal engraved plates, laser cut visiting cards, name plates, etc.

branding on the glass door of a Deal Jeans store using one way vinyl

In-Store Branding

Large companies need to get their marketing collaterals installed at their point of sale locations like retail outlets, malls, branch offices, etc. These centrally located companies mail us their artwork and we then get the print collaterals installed at their end point locations.

The detailed reporting and installation procedures followed by Orchid Digitals ensures a painless implementation of your advertising campaign across multiple stores and locations here, in Pune city.

Also included in this category are case studies of branding campaigns carried for companies spanning a variety of product and service verticals.

Outdoor Advertising – Banners & Hoardings

Advertising in large outdoor spaces like highways and roads largely consists of huge flex printed hoardings and banners. 

These hoardings need to be weather-proof and resistant to rain and sunlight. Moreover roadside advertising is generally deployed for short time spans. So the print solution for the same needs to be extremely economical.

Orchid Digitals offers solvent flex prints to meet both the conditions stated above. We also create cloth banners prints to cater to our more ecologically conscious clientele.

large sized frontlit flex hoarding installed outside the jehangir hospital

Vehicle Branding

Commercial vehicles provide opportunities for extensive advertisement and brand visibility. In fact, more than half the vehicles on Indian roads are commercial vehicles. And these vehicles can also double as carriers of your company identity throughout the city.

Orchid Digitals offers solutions to print your logos and product images on cars, tempos, trucks, and even containers

We offer everything: from high-end prints with a classy finish, reflective prints for low-light visibility, all the way to extremely cheap use-and-throw vinyls for rickshaw hoods. We also offer pasting and installation services on your vehicles in Pune.

Road Direction and Industrial Safety Signs

Road signs and direction-boards, by virtue of their application, need to be visible in low-light conditions and even in complete darkness. These prints also have to be rugged enough to withstand elements like rain, sunlight, dust, etc.

Orchid Digitals offers road and safety signs on a variety of media like 3M HIP (High-Intensity Prismatic Film), Reflective Vinyls, and night-glow radium prints. 

Further, these products can be mounted on light-weight sunboard or metal-based ACP sheets.

night glow safety signs being printed on a UV inkjet wide format printer

Corporate Gifting

Hyper-personalization of everyday objects is a key strength of Orchid Digitals. Name an object, and it’s highly likely that we can print your logo on it using our flat-bed UV machines. (Subject to dimensions)

While we can personalize gifts brought in by you, we also have ready stock of tea-coasters and fridge magnets that can carry your custom designs.

Posters Printing

Orchid Digitals offers posters of every possible size from A3 all the way to A0 and even larger. 

You can also select from a variety of media like paper, plastic, fabric, sunboard, vinyl, etc. for creating your posters. 

We also have specialized photo poster material for exhibitions and scientific presentations.

man holding up a digitally printed advertisement poster on paper

Promotional Materials like Flyers, Brochures and Corporate Stationery

Low cost but extremely high quality fliers, brochures, visiting cards, letterheads, books / training manuals, commendation certificates, badges, etc. are promotional materials required by each and every business. 

And Orchid Digitals is your one stop solution for all of this.

Marketing Collaterals for Restaurants, Retail Stores and Sport Events

Specialized prints solutions having unique characteristics for ex: a waterproof menu for restaurants, are a strength of Orchid Digitals. 

This section contains our print products specific to the hotel, sports, and retail-outlet industry. Products featured here include tent cards, danglers, wobblers, menu cards, marathon bibs, etc.

two laminated and waterproof restaurant menu cards made of rigid sunboard being held up

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

There is hardly any industry that does not require commercial prints and sign boards. And Orchid Digitals serves customers of all business backgrounds. Our services are used by government organisations, the hospitality industry, schools and colleges, hospitals, IT sector, heavy engineering, etc. Here is a list of some of our esteemed clients…

What Do Our Clients Have to Say About Orchid Digitals

We are pretty good at what we do. But you don’t have to take our word for this. The best way to check how good or bad a vendor is, is for you to see what his other customers have to say about him. And thankfully, in our case, our customers have nothing but praise for the services we have provided them. 

Orchid Digitals has got a 4.8 star rating on Google and Just Dial. Three Best Rated has consistently rated Orchid Digitals among the top printers in Pune. Do jump to this page to read all the wonderful things people have to say, about us.

The Machines and Equipment We Work With

Digital printers come in a variety of form factors. They also deploy different printing technologies. Each technology has its own strengths and is appropriate for a particular end use. The point we are trying to make is that Orchid Digitals has invested heavily in different print verticals to deliver the best quality prints at the lowest possible cost to our clients. We have a detailed listing of our equipment on this page here. While here is a short summary of the same…

The Materials and Media We Work With

At Orchid Digitals we stock every kind of print media you can think of. So all you have to do is walk in with your art file. Here is a brief look into our stockroom…

Media TypeMedia Variants Available
PaperCoated – Uncoated, thickness ranging from 100 gsm – 330 gsm, variants like textured cards ivory and metallic papers.
VinylsMatt / gloss vinyls, cast vinyls, vehicle vinyls. Brands like Avery, 3M, LG, Orro, backlit vinyls, translites, etc.
FlexFrontlit and backlit flex, star flex
Light reactive mediaRadium night glow / glow in the dark print media and high reflective vinyls like 3M HIP (High Intensity Prismatic Film)
ClothSenfa backlit fabric, mesh fabric, cotton mix polyester rolls, matt and glossy canvas rolls
Photo PosterCoated white back / grey back photo media, Technova Hi Gloss photo media
Glass FilmTransparent, frosted / translucent, opaque and one way vision films
Wall VinylsMatt, gloss, textured, metallic and glittering wall vinyls
Lamination filmsMatt, gloss, textured and diamond glitter lamination films
Sunboard & ACP3 mm sunboard, 5 mm sunboard, 3 mm ACP (indoor / outdoor grade)
Exhibition productsStandees: 6 X 3 feet, 6 X 4 feet, 5 X 2 feet, 6 X 6 feet, 8 X 8 feet


Canopies: 6 X 6 X 7 feet, 4 X 4 X 7 feet

Promo tables

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