Security Labels That Disintegrate, To Show Evidence of Tampering

One glance to show proof of tampering, duplication or fraud

  • Destructible stickers will instantly disintegrate if tampered with
  • Tamper-proof stickers that are ideal for security applications
  • Cannot be peeled fully like ordinary stickers
  • Will break into small parts to show evidence of tampering
  • Stickers with strong permanent adhesive
  • And a fragile, brittle top surface
  • Ideal for Warranty Void Stickers
  • Shipping facility across the country
  • Security label prints starting from ₹120 per square foot


Tamper Proof Labels – Detailed Description

Destructive Vinyl Stickers – Sounds like some innocent labels went on the warpath, doesn’t it :-). But this product is actually not as scary as it sounds. As a matter of fact, the correct term for this product is Destructible Vinyl Stickers.

And the name says it all. This material gets destroyed or disintegrates very quickly if someone tries to tamper with the same. And this property provides one very essential function – that of security.

So let us see precisely how this destructible material provides the perfect solution for security labels and tamper-evident stickers.

Destructible Vinyl Stickers – Material Description

The terms ‘stickers’ or ‘labels’ are ubiquitous. We use them on a daily basis. But these words are fairly generic. Few people know that print shops actually stock a very vast variety of materials to cater to different sticker applications and use cases.

At Orchid Digitals, we manufacture more than 15 different types of labels and decals. These include paper stickers, plastic or non-tearable stickers, transparent stickers, metal foils and even special types like reflective and night-glow stickers.

But perhaps, our most interesting variant is the destructible vinyl / tamper evident sticker material.

Like every other self-adhesive sticker, this material is made of two primary components.

  1. The printable surface on top,
  2. And the glue beneath the same

But, unlike standard stickers, the two components listed above have some specific properties that help create security stickers that can instantly show evidence of tampering.

Permanent Adhesive/Glue at the Base of the Sticker

The main hero of our story is an acrylate-based adhesive.

This adhesive is extremely strong. Moreover, it is compatible with various non-porous surfaces like glass, aluminium, polished wood, stainless steel, painted metal, etc. You can also fix the sticker on lightly textured surfaces like powder-coated metal and plastic.

Now, all of us have heard of 3M Post-it Notes and their removable glue. This adhesive is the exact opposite of the same. Here, the bond is more or less permanent, and the glue is tough to remove once pasted.

This is why a lot of our clients also call this product ‘permanent stickers’.

Normal stickers can be peeled fully but destructible vinyl labels have permanent adhesive and will break into small pieces if forced. This breakage shows instant proof of tampering
Normal stickers can be easily peeled. Destructible vinyl stickers have permanent adhesive. Peeling them results in ungainly scratches

Fragile And Brittle Top Surface of the Sticker

Tamper evident labels need to immediately show that they have been tampered with. And that is why the print surface on top is made of a pretty thin and extremely fragile material.

Try peeling this sticker, and the media on top immediately disintegrates into small pieces. And one look will show that somebody has tried to tamper with the same.

When you try to peel an ordinary sticker, the full label comes off – entirely. And with removable adhesives (Post-it Notes), there are also no residual glue marks.

But our permanent adhesive stickers with their brittle top surface will ensure two things.

  1. A mischief-maker cannot peel the sticker off easily.
  2. And even if someone does try hard, the label will come off, only in small bits and pieces, making it even harder to remove entirely.

These stickers are also referred to as ‘eggshell stickers’ because when you try to peel them instead of coming fully or in large parts, the sticker breaks into lots of tiny eggshell like pieces.

Moreover, the stickers are as thin as an eggshell and they mould over even rough or uneven surfaces more easily than conventional paper stickers.

Applications of Tamper Proof Stickers / Security Stickers

Ultra destructible vinyl labels are specially designed for showing evidence of tampering. Try peeling them, and they instantly self-destruct. And this makes them perfect for security labels.

Here are some examples of applications for the same.

Warranty Seals or ‘Warranty Void if Opened’ Labels

All of us have seen ‘Warranty Void If Opened’ labels pasted on the back covers of consumer goods and machinery. These stickers declare that there are no user-serviceable parts within. They also dissuade users from opening the outer case and messing about with the parts within.

These void stickers provide further information like contact details for the service engineers and the date for the next service due date.

A warranty void sticker is widely used in the electronics industry to protect the suppliers’ equipment from tampering and end-user mischief.

Warranty void sticker pasted on the screw casing of a machine to warn unauthorised people against opening sensitive equipment
Warranty void sticker placed on an electronic device to warn against tampering

Property Labels / Asset Tags for Company Property

In the post-Covid world, work-from-home has become par for the course in many IT companies. These companies allow their employees to carry home costly PCs, laptops, and even UPS systems.

Our permanent adhesive asset stickers act as a reminder and establish ownership of these costly assets even when they are carried out of your office premises.

Asset tags with permanent adhesive pasted on a company owned laptop to highlight ownership and prevent tampering
Asset tags in the form of permanent adhesive stickers are a great way to ensure ownership and reduce pilferage of costly company owned equipment

Electronic Appliances that Need Servicing

Certain electronic appliances and white goods need regular servicing. And if your agency is providing this service, it makes sense for you to paste a destructible vinyl sticker to show the name of your company, the next service due date, and your contact details.

Food Packet Stickers

A security-conscious client may even want to know if his food sources have not been tampered with. And our permanent adhesive labels can easily fulfil that function.

Tamper proof stickers pasted on a food container to ensure security and prevent duplication or contamination
A security label on a bottle cover will instantly show if the same has been opened

Jewellery Packet Stickers

Jewellery packets obviously contain high-value items. And if you are going to ship these products out, you need to secure the contents within.

A security seal, in the form of a tamper-evident label, is an absolute must in this use case.

Security labels pasted on jewellery boxes made of destructive vinyl stickers will instantly break apart if anyone tries to force the box open
A tamper evident sticker is placed on the opening edge of a jewellery box to prevent unauthorised opening

Rental / Leased Equipment

When renting out a high priced product, you need to secure the same from tampering or pilferage.

For example, lots of agencies rent out high-end cameras and computer systems. And they face this problem where unscrupulous clients open up the PC and replace the costly components within with low priced duplicates.

One easy tactic to prevent this is to place our security stickers locations on the PC case: like the back cover and on the screws that hold the cabinet together.

Any unauthorised person who now tries to open the cabinet will see these security labels disintegrate. And this will provide evidence of tampering to the store owner.

Tamper seal stickers pasted on a printer shows that the warranty on the same will be voided if anyone other than the service engineers open the equipment
A warranty void sticker pasted on a strategic place on electronic equipment to dissuade end users from opening the same

How Are Destructible Vinyl Stickers Manufactured?

The raw material for destructive vinyl stickers is pretty fragile. And this makes printing on them a challenging process. At Orchid Digitals, we have high-end eco-solvent and UV ink printers to take care of the actual production.

Our wide format printers ensure high-resolution output and a flawless finish for all our sticker printing jobs. So whether you order a price tag with just a few numbers or an image of a photo model, we ensure pristine quality labels for every type of client.

The scratches here show that it is impossible to peel permanent adhesive eggshell stickers and they ideally suited to create warranty void labels
A warranty void sticker is impossible to peel off and will instantly show evidence of tampering

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Printing Destructible Vinyl Security Labels?

At Orchid Digitals, we print out tamper proof stickers on large 4 feet rolls of media. Printing individual stickers is not possible. Hence the price quotes bestow is per square foot of material.

Destructible vinyl prints

1440.00/for a sheet of size 3 feet X 4 feet (12 square feet)*

Eggshell labels that instantly disintegrate at any attempt of peeling thus showing evidence of tampering

  • High resolution print
  • On specialised media that is highly fragile and brittle
  • Once pasted, destructible vinyl is extremely difficult to peel off
  • Any attempt to lift the sticker results in the print cracking apart into smaller pieces
  • And these residual pieces show evidence of tampering
  • Price is quoted for a MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity of 3 feet X 4 feet sheet | 12 square feet
  • Multiple labels of your particular design will fit in a single sheet
  • For example, if your label is 2 inches X 3 inches, 288 individual pieces will fit in 1 sheet of size 3 feet X 4 feet
  • Ideal for security label applications. Media used for “Warranty Void” stickers. Will prevent unauthorised tampering. Acts as a deterrent to thieves and mischief makers.

* Please Note:

  1. The rates quoted above attract 18% GST.
  2. The rates mentioned above are per square foot. This means you first need to work out the total area of your job to arrive at the final cost.

For example, let us assume that your label size is 2 inches X 3 inches. Twenty-four such labels will fit in one square foot. Further, suppose that you need 480 individual labels. In this case, you need to order 20 square feet from us.

The total cost of the job is calculated as follows.

20 sq. ft X 24 labels per foot = 480 stickers in total
20 sq. ft. X Rs.120.00 = 1440.00 + 18% GST

Shipping and Delivery

  • Destructible vinyl stickers can be delivered anywhere in India by courier.
  • Delivery charges are extra and will be communicated to you once we receive the delivery address.

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