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Printed satin flag

Flags have traditionally been screen printed. But let’s assume that you need just a few customized flags of a company or a sports team billowing in the wind. Screen printing works well only when you require the prints in large quantities. Flag printing at Orchid happens instantaneously. Read about the job we recently executed to understand the process…

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Vinyl application

  • Vinyl print – 40/-
  • Vinyl print + 3 mm sunboard – 70/-
  • Vinyl print + 3 mm sunboard + lamination – 90/-
  • Vinyl print + 5 mm sunboard – 100/-

Flag printing at Orchid, Pune

  • We print out your flags on two kind of materials
    • One is the light weight and shiny satin cloth
    • The other is the a more rough and coarse cotton cloth known locally as ‘poplin’
  • A seamless flag can be print up to size 4 feet wide
  • Both the cloth options listed above are very light in weight
  • Both will billow and furl in the wind
  • The flags are printed using eco solvent inks. These inks are highly resistant to fading and water
  • Apart from flags, you can print any design or full color photos on this cloth

Cloth printing costs

  • Eco solvent prints on satin cloth costs 70/- per square foot
  • For significant quantities, we will also get the flags stitched back to back, with double stitching on the sides
Flag printing job at Fujitsu

Flag printing job at Fujitsu

FUJITSU Corporation is one of our clients who  needed flags printed. were receiving high level dignitaries from the UK. The welcome ceremony included a hoisting of the company flag at the hands of the guests.

The flag was to be printed on two sides, double stitched and hoisted from a fifteen foot pole, sunk in the garden at Fujitsu, Talawde. Here is the invite they had designed for the event

Specifications for the job were as follows…

A) Four Flags with hoisting pole for Pune (double sided)
3 poles – 12 feet
1 pole – 1 foot
Satin flag – 2 sided
+ double stitching with inner liner ( so back side print does not show through )
+ 2″ round pole / 16 guage
+ welding on 2 feet square round base plate riveted on the floor
+ 18″ deep – 4 foundation rods – 10 mm thick (gaz)
+ pulley + rope
+ ‘J’ hook for rope

Here some images of the work in progress…

Flags being printed on cloth inkjet printed flags inkjet printed flags on thin cloth material loop stitched on the side for inserting the flag hoisting rope Getting the satin flag print ready for stitching

And here is how the whole thing looks on the poles…

light weight fabric with flag design printed on them satin fabric flags digitally printed flags on light cloth material flag poles fabricated out of iron pipes