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Wildlife Photos Calendar

Download Calendar 2022 Featuring Wildlife Photos

Witness God’s Creations in Extreme Close-up. Connect To the Call of the Wild.

  • Download calendar 2022 for free
    This calendar features wildlife photography
  • Wild animals pictures make for the perfect wallpaper
  • The calendar 2022 is in a pdf format
  • See the world the lens of nature photographer Jehangir HC Jehangir
  • 2022 calendar is printable

Download Calendar 2022 Featuring Wildlife Photos

Witness God’s Creations in Extreme Close-up. Connect To the Call of the Wild.

  • Download calendar 2022 for free
    This calendar features wildlife photography
  • Wild animals pictures make for the perfect wallpaper
  • The calendar 2022 is in a pdf format
  • See the world the lens of nature photographer Jehangir HC Jehangir
  • 2022 calendar is printable

About the Wildlife Photography on this Page

Witness God’s bounty from locations as diverse as Africa to India. Check out this selection of jaw-droppingly beautiful images of wild animals, reptiles, and birds. And ring in the new year (2022) with a calendar incorporating these gorgeous pictures.

Download the 2022 calendar in a printable pdf format. Feel free to print out the months on your desktop printer. Or generate multiple copies from your nearest print service provider.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use these photographs as wildlife wallpaper for your computer desktop/mobile device.

My Photographs | Stories That I Cannot Put In Words

Jehangir HC Jehangir Chairman Jehangir Hospital Pune

Hi there.

My name is Jehangir HC Jehangir. I head one of India’s leading hospitals. And when I am not curing people or saving lives, I shoot images of animals in the wild. Some of the best memories in my life are from when I was hunting for game — either in the African savanna or the forest reserves of India.

I’m happiest when I’m by myself with my trusty Nikon slung around my neck, and a wildcat glaring at me from a few feet away!

A cheetah stretching up the trunk of a tree while another cheetah snuggles up image captured by a nature photographer Jehangir Jehangir

I believe that two people are connected to every good picture — the nature photographer and the viewer. And while my passion for camerawork is a given, I also believe that there are many people out there who enjoy professionally-shot wild animals images.

Thus, for your pleasure, I present a few galleries containing images of everything avian, amphibian, reptilian, and mammalian.

Photo Gallery 1 | Featured in the 2022 Calendar

The images in the gallery above are also featured in this year’s calendar. And every image tells us a different story. We have wildebeest, madly dashing down a riverbed, and lions lazing around in the Bush.

A herd of wildebeest racing down a dry river bed image captured by nature photographer Jehangir Jehangir
2 adult lions lying on their backs lazing in the bush with two more in the background slightly blurred

Here’s an eagle poised for take-off, and there’s an owl staring at you questioningly.

Nature photography of a tawny eagle with its wings stretched preparing to take off from of a tree
Wildlife photography of a barn owl looking perched on a branch looking straight into the lens

Do check if the close-up of the munia, highlighted against the blue sky, fills you with the same joy it brings me. Or of the serenity, I feel, when I see the flamingos, silhouetted in the last light of the day.

A close-up shot of a munia with a deep blue sky in the background preening its fanned out its wing image captured by nature photographer Jehangir Jehangir
A flock of flamingoes flying into the setting sun

Humans anthropomorphise animals. We tend to look for a reflection of our own emotions in their behaviour.

And so, I smile at the audacity of the tiger, commandeering the road all to himself, daring you to approach.

A tiger snarling at the lens with its mouth wide open while laying on the road image captured by nature photographer Jehangir Jehangir

I empathise with the ‘gotcha’ feeling of the heron as he spears his breakfast, and I wonder at the bullseye, target-like look of the white-eye as it peeks out of its nest.

A grey heron catches a fish in its beak and is seen taking off from the surface of a lake image captured by nature photographer Jehangir Jehangir
A close up of the Indian white-eye bird peeking from its nest surrounded by green leaves

Go ahead. Download the wildlife pictures above, and feel free to set them as wallpapers for your device.

Gallery 2 | Why Wildlife Photography?

Why do I keep coming back to wildlife photography? What is it that I find so fascinating about Nature’s creatures? Why do I wait endless hours (often in vain) for that one perfect picture? I have been asked these and similar questions innumerable times.

Well, here are some possible reasons that drive my passion.

We are All Cavemen at Heart

For all our vaunted megacities and information superhighways, our brains are still wired to interact with Nature. This is the reason we enjoy walking in the woods, playing on the beach or simply gazing at the stars. This is probably why I find the call of the wild absolutely irresistible.

Nature is where we truly belong.

A serene image of a leafy forest with a tigress and her cub seen in the distance
Animals Hold up a Mirror to Human Emotions

Purists dismiss this notion as anthropomorphism. But a great wild animals images are those that elicit a strong emotional response from its viewer. How else would you describe that maternal instinct of protection, triggered by seeing the baby baboon cuddle in its mother’s arms.

This family of mongooses perceive a danger, not seen in the frame. And the viewer is left wondering what the threat could possibly be.

Wild animals picture of a female baboon with her infant clinging to her chest
Wild animals picture of a pack of mongooses standing upright on their hind legs looking alertly at some danger

The image of the tiger prowling behind the trees awakens us to the danger our ancestors faced, probably daily.

A tiger prowling in the jungle with its mouth open and some slender tree trunks in the foreground

Witness also the joyous frolicking of the cheetah siblings or the majesty of the flamingo parade.

Two cheetah cubs playfully running around on a sun-browned grassy plain
Bird photography of a large flock of greater flamingoes parading down the waterfront with a few stretching out their wings
The Path to Success is Paved with the Bricks of Failure

Wildlife photography, like life itself, is mostly a matter of how many times you can take it on the chin, get up and keep going on.

For each of the photos you see here, I have discarded hundreds if not thousands of others. The earth does not care about the convenience of a nature photographer. You simply cannot command the weather, the light, what the animals want to do, or where they want to go. Too far away, and even the best telephoto lens will not help you. Too close, and the animal might simply run away!

So you patiently wait, try and try again until you are rewarded with that one perfect split second when everything comes together for an ideal shot. The osprey chasing its shadow a foot above the ground, and the fish eagle on the verge of taking off, would be the best examples of this.

Wildlife wallpaper image of an osprey in flight just a few feet above the ground
An African fish eagle with its wings fully extended taking off from a tree
God has Filled This World With Wonders

The pandemic shut down most of the human-controlled world. But thankfully, Nature didn’t get the message. And so, instead of heading out to the wilds of Africa this year, I focused my lens on the creatures in my own back garden.

And that’s when I started discovering beauty in even the most mundane, run-of-the-mill places.

Look! And I promise, you will too.

The kingfishers, for example, have been shot not far from Pune at Bhigwan, as was the baya (weaver bird), painstakingly building its nest one blade of grass at a time.

Bird photography of two kingfishers courting each other on a rocky ledge
A weaver bird with a single blade of grass in its beak building its nest

All of this goes to prove that wildlife photography doesn’t necessarily entail braving wilderness in search of elusive species inhabiting remote locations.

A View, From the Eye of the Tiger

We’ve been talking about looking at different animals all this while. But let’s turn the tables for a moment. What do you think the animals see when they look upon us?

Perhaps they see a species burdened by daily drudgery and fueled by mindless ambition. A race so blinded by materialism that it has forgotten what it is like, to live, and to love. Our furry, feathered, and sometimes fierce friends can teach us about the things that really matter.

Which is to take care; of our health, and of our loved ones.

So let’s resolve to take some time out to meditate and exercise. Let’s see, if we can leave that sugary treat alone, maybe switch off the phone and go tickle our kids in the room next door.

Here is wishing you a very healthy and peaceful 2022.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this 2022 calendar for your own corporate needs. Showcase your organisation’s branding on the front and back page. The bottom right of every page can also be edited to feature your company’s products and services.

The images and their respective copyrights are of course, locked and inviolate.


You can print this calendar on your home printer. All the images within are set at an extremely high resolution. And the colours will reproduce with a vibrant hue. There is a margin at the top to enable binding.

The downloadable pdf is calibrated for printing with the sRGB profile. For best results, approach your local digital print service bureau.


Hard copies of this calendar 2022 have been commissioned for private circulation only. They are mainly distributed among the staff and medical professionals associated with the Jehangir Group of Hospitals.

And are not for sale.

Pricing & Copyrights

This calendar for the year 2022 is absolutely free for downloading. The images within are the copyright property of the Jehangir family. More particularly Jehangir Jehangir, Cowas Jehangir and Simone Jehangir.


The images here are governed under the Open Licence. They are free for your personal use. If you re-post these images on your Facebook, Instagram or blog post page, do remember to credit the original photographers by linking back to this webpage.


Reproduction of these wild animals’ images for commercial use or monetary gain is not permitted.

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