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In today’s world a customer is surrounded by marketing messages. So much so, that most advertisements don’t even register in a consumer’s consciousness. With increasing bombardment of ads and diminishing attention span of viewers, the sales guys in any company are continuously on the look out for any idea that will hold the buyers’ attention. A sunboard stand is a commonly used display solution. Cut this stand in the shape of a model or product and buyer interest peaks.

Sunboard stand

Sunboard stands are a low cost display and marketing solution. They are typically used on the retail floor of stores and malls. Sunboard, also referred to as foamsheet in the digital print industry is a rigid but light weight sheet of plastic. The stand is made of a high resolution photo print mounted on a 3 mm or 5 mm thick sunboard.

Think of a light weight, flat and rigid plastic sheet and you will get an idea of what a sunboard is. The print may be laminated to increase its life and protect the surface from scuffing. Finally flaps are stuck to the back of the sunboard. These flaps turn on hinges and stand out perpendicular to the print, to give it support. When you want to store the stand or transport it elsewhere, they can be folded back inside.

wallpaper to be placed in ceiling niche

support flaps for sunboard stand

wallpaper to be placed in ceiling niche

sunboard stand

wallpaper to be placed in ceiling niche

side view of sunboard stand

Shape cut sunboard stand

Mr Wasim Rahi of Eureka Forbes needed an innovative display for his vacuum cleaner accessories. The idea was to garner the attention of the shopping crowds during the upcoming Diwali festival. At Orchid, we created a display stand with a difference. We gave it a shape, such that each of the protruding bulbs showed the image of one accessory. The message was displayed in bold in the center and the top of the stand was given a gentle curve.

cnc cutting of rounded edges of sunboardsupport strips and flap for cardboard standcurves cut in display stand using cnc routershape cut display stand made out of sunboardCNC router shape cut sunboard standself standing sunboard cutout display stand

The printed sunboard in this case was cut in the desired shape using a CNC router ( see video ). In addition to the flaps on the back side, two support strips were also added to add stiffness to the board. Our idea was a success and we supplied stands across all retail stores of Maharashtra.

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