Team Orchid

World class printing equipment will not deliver good jobs, unless the people behind those machines aren’t just as good. The services of any organisation are only as good as the people who work in it. And with the scores of print services we provide, it’s natural that some of our employees specialize / excel in a particular area. So read on, for some personal info about the guys who make those amazing prints possible.

Mitesh Sanghani owner of Orchid Digitals

Mitesh Sanghani

Owner, Customer Relations & Job Conceptualiser

Mitesh runs Orchid Digitals, his digital printing company. He loves what he does, so he never has to work a day in his life.

When not at his press, you’ll probably find him between bookshelves at the local library or somewhere behind a rock on the hills behind his house.

Nilesh Papal store manager at Orchid Digitals

Nilesh Papal

Store Manager at Orchid Omkareshwar

Nilesh has a bird’s eye view of all that is happening at our Omkareshwar Branch. Job scheduling and production runs are his responsibility.

So if you have a question about your job status, he is the right person to answer your query. When not at work, you’ll find Nilesh hitting the local gym hard.

Pritam Bodke branch manager at Orchid Digitals

Pritam Bodke

Store Manager at Orchid Kanyashala

The darling of everyone at Orchid, Pritam is in charge of our router and laser engraving division. Pritam oversees the fabrication and installation of glow sign boards.

But he is equally comfortable in the flex room, eco solvent, digital and lamination section. Pritam is also a hands-on kind of a guy who can maintain and repair equipment as well as most certified engineers.

Suresh Bankar Accounts and front desk manager at Orchid Digitals

Suresh Bankar

Accounts & Front Desk

Suresh Kaka has been a part of the Sanghani family businesses for more than 2 decades. At Orchid his primary function is accounting.

He also mans the front desk and excels at customer communication. He is your go to guy for all things related to payments, banking transactions and job deliveries.

Laxman Tupdhar prototyping and printing jobs consultant at Orchid Digitals

Laxman Tupdhar

Digital Print Production & Prototypes

Laxman is our ideas guy. He understands customer needs and makes prototypes for them to approve. You can rely on him to provide the most cost effective solutions for your print job.

He also attacks with gusto, complex jobs that others would shy away from. Jobs as varied as brochures, parking stickers or even shape-cut standees, fall in his domain.

Yogesh Salvi foreman at Orchid Digitals

Yogesh Salvi


Perhaps one of the senior most employees at Orchid, Yogesh is in charge of running the men who in turn run the machines. Coordinating between end customers and our workers is his forte.

He also resolves all of Mitesh’s pain points be it employee tardiness, regular machine maintenance, efficiency in job processing, stock maintenance and even minute details like shop floor cleanliness.

Harshad Kopnar sign board fabricator at Orchid Digitals

Harshad Kopnar

Production of Glow Sign Boards

When it comes to laser cutting jobs and glow sign boards, you can’t do better than Harshad. Need a logo rendered in a weird shape or perhaps you are looking to laser cut an exotic material like silk? Harshad will guide you through the ins and outs of the same.

We also rely on him for costing large glow sign board projects. With his signature beard and good looks, Harshad could easily have become a model. But he chose to work with us!

Akshay Walje, operator at Orchid Digitals for wide format inkjet, UV and laser cutting machines

Akshay Walje

Operator – Wide Format, UV & Laser Machines

Akshay is the latest and also the youngest employee to join Team Orchid. This always smiling boy is game for anything. He is equally proficient on the flex and eco solvent machines, the laser engravers, the UV printer and CNC router.

Akshay takes care of most of our corporate gifting jobs. And as an added benefit he treats us to a different hairstyle every month!

Kishore Ombale Delivery and Transportation in charge at Orchid Digitals

Kishor Ombale

Transportation & Local Deliveries

Kishor is our resident storyteller and anecdotist. And when not imparting a homily, Kishor sees to it that your goods get delivered on time. I would rank him as perhaps the most eager and diligent worker at Orchid.

And while he bears a lot of good natured ribbing from his counterparts, Orchid would not be able to function without his logistics support.

Yogesh Bhikule Lamination and Finishing Department at Orchid Digitals

Yogesh Bhikule

Lamination and Finishing

Yogesh is our workhorse in the finishing department. He is the silent type but his work speaks volumes. Yogesh can laminate, surface mount, paste on sun boards and cut any amount of print jobs that we throw at him.

And he does all work with infinite patience and without a word of complaint.

Somnath Sarsambi CNC and laser machine operator at Orchid Digitals

Somnath Sarsambi

Operator – CNC & Laser Machines

Another quiet employee who hardly ever speaks, Somnath does two things really well. One – he looks at you with soulful eyes and two – he runs our CNC and laser cutting machines. Working hand in hand with Pritam and Harshad, Somnath is also tasked with making LED boards and fabricating acrylic logos.

Out of the ordinary jobs like printing on a Rubiks Cube or a Jigsaw Puzzle are par for the course, for him.

NItin Sanghani Grand patriarch at Orchid Digitals

Nitin Sanghani

Grand Patriarch

‘Papa’ as he is known to all the boys at Orchid Digitals and even our customers is not involved in the day to day operations of our organisation. But his back end support especially in the field of taxation and debtor recovery is absolutely invaluable.

No major decision regarding the business is taken without his consent. Owners of many ad agencies and senior businessmen from the paper and printing industry also have a direct connect with him.